Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Middle of the week

Well, this morning didn't go as planned. I attend a womens bible study ... we are study the book of Revelations.. (yes, quite deep) and after waking up late, attempting to feed willow grayce and getting scarlett ready ... things were not going well, and the revelation that we aren't going to make it at 9:15 became quite apparent. SO, we attempted to stay home and clean the house, which is now even worse then when we started..... oh my!!

Joy and Amy have both told me, i will read your blog and then scroll down and find new post... YEP THIS IS RIGHT!!

I try to post daily and then when i upload pictures i go back to the day the picture was taken (for logging purposes in the future..its no benefit to anyone but me...sorry)

LOOK FORWARD TO OCTober 1st...not me...i will update you on my plan... and YES, you can get involved!! mmm... then you won't look forward to it.
--- here is the hint --- goodbye salt and vinegar chips, m and m's and my moms rice krispies (which are all gone now), mountain dew, homemade apple crisp...yep managed to eat it all by myself (dan ..had a little)

do you know what is going on in october?? don't worry neither does my husband ...yet!!

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Gardner's said...

i believe that your over weight sister is coming to visit in October so you are getting rid of all of your junk food...and getting ready to put us thru boot camp.... hee hee...