Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Middle of the week

My hubby and Scarlett went off golfing with his parents this weekend. On the way home, Scarlett had to check out the alligators. My husband is awesome and he loves spending time with his girls.


Random thoughts:
- Little Willow was fussy yesterday, ok, let me rephrase that ... CRYED ALL DAY but awesome today...wonder what i ate
- I have had a headache lingering for about 2 days...missed my bible study this morning... we slept until 9:30
-- mmmmm wonder if fussy + baby = headache
- Scarlett finally figured it out... she is officially breastfeeding her babies... and she sometimes even covers up...
- can't believe i am loving the breastfeeding with little willow
- Scarlett did awesome today with our learning time, we are finally back on track after baby...its called "ABC time" and Scarlett says..."willow has to watch, this is Scarlett's time" week is all about red and apples..can't wait to show you pictures
- Ryan has had some long stressful days at work after the relaxing weekend... i can tell because he can't get to sleep at night
- Scarlett went to the St. Augustine (pedro mend) high school for cheerleading camp yesterday and LOVED it with a captial L. Some of the other moms were having a breakdown as their children didn't want to participate..i kind of felt bad...maybe they don't want to cheer
- We go back to the "baby dr" on thursday morning to see if Willow is gaining weight and to check everything out... we meet with our new dr. next tuesday here in Palm Coast... i am sad as we love Dr. Sahai
- gotta go as i hear Scarlett and daddy yelling, laughing and having a great time in the pool at 7:00 p.m...i want to get another load in the washer, go on a quick little walk around the neighborhood and feed willow before they come in
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Gardner's said...

love all the updates and pictures! Scarlett is growing up so fast!

Gardner's said...

I am so happy you got the little gift for Willow... I was thinking that it must of been lost!