Saturday, May 30, 2009

Go cavs and Happy Birthday

The cavs game last sunday that we walked out, holding our heads low...

by the way, if you look at the basket and look at the man standing to the left of it in the front row with the blue shirt on with hat, that is Tiger Woods.

Lebron aka in scarletts terms "bron bron"

Happy Birthday Justin!!!!

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Drum roll please

Yes, many changes are going on right now in our house before I leave for ohio for about 4 weeks.... although Ryan will still be here in Florida on and off.....

We are changing the office into the girls room and this is the start and i will update you on the finished product!!

I know its green!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Out with the old

In with the new!!!

Ryan is loving his new flat screen .... he says he is not sure how he ever watched sports on the other ones, and i told him i was so thinking the same thing...

amy and the others who laugh at me, you think i couldn't run the other tv, you should see me with this one ... its quite confusing.

other notes:
- went to the baby dr. friday, i had a long day
- still painting
-almost done with shower thank you's
- one more week of school and then SUMMER
- the house is so peaceful at 6:00 and i love getting so much done
- heading to the gym in the next 15 minutes and will be back to wake everyone up
-scarlett is going to dance and then we are going over to michelle's to hang out at the pool
- daddy is sending mommy to the beach (if it doesn't rain) for a few hours later this afternoon... yippeeee
- scarlett is totally confused with where daddy was this week ....she keeps saying " no, my iami ... " not sure if you get that but the Mi in miami she thinks is
- daddy is going to to new orleans this week
- the state is coming in to assess our preschool while i am gone, and they really want me to stay for a few weeks ....i have been helping them with paper stuff that i know way to much about .... now its come to bite me because i feel obligated to do it....
- joy, sam and kora lily are doing great in germany
- busy sunday... sunday school, church, afternoon birthday party, last small group study at church and then we break for the summer!!

GO CAVS .... can they pull it off ....not sure if ryan is going to the game...
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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Rain Rain

The Rain has not stopped....

It has been over 2 weeks....

My pool is cold...

Maybe I should have the baby's room painted by now, nope...

other notes:
- Scarlett has officially put a star on Miami, Fl.. bit confused on why daddy would stay in the same state but thats how it goes
- potty training has been going good, it probably doesn't help the confusion when we put her in pull-ups to make our lives easier and then back to panties...
- someday when we have a good three-four days and not traveling, we will get her officially potty training, until then ....
- no sarasota, we had to cancel our weekend vacation because guessed it, THE RAIN.
- no fears, our weekend became quite booked up
- i need to write thank yous for the shower and paint the bedroom ...GOAL BY SUNDAY night!!
- I am having a jewelry party for a girlfriend, Rochelle ... it is on the 9th of June, so if you read this and you live in Florida, stop by for the Hawaiian Luau ... which kicks off at 7:00!! check out the site at

Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a wonderful day!

- it seems that its a great day for picnics and parties
- its a great day to remember those who serve our country
- its a great day to go to parades
- it was always a great day to have off of school
- its a great day to wear red, white and blue
-it seems to kick off your summer

Today, we are going to a picnic at the park with our friends from church, we are in a small group study. Mostly everyone that is in the group is around our age and have kids around the age group of elementary and below. Right now we are studying "'making children mind without losing yours" by kevin leman ... good stuff and its great to hear what others are doing with their children, although we have a lot to learn and not much to deal with at the age of 2.

After the picnic, for supper, we are going to Justin's 3rd birthday party. His mom has been a friend of mine way before Justin started school this year with Scarlett. It is so nice to go and see all of my girlfriends that I don't get to see on a weekly basis, because scarlett and i have been in school.

- 9 more days until we are done with school for the summer
- i am just dying to drink diet coke
- i drank like 3 mountain dews at the cavs game last night
- ugly cavs game last night
- i think ryan is wanting to go to game 6... but we are suppose to be in sarasota...

i will post some pictures of our weekend!!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Rainy Weekend

So the rain didn't stop on Thursday, instead it decided to stick around for another week... today, on saturday morning we got a glimpse of the sun. I guess we took for granted the lovely, sunny Florida sun. HOpefully, it stops for our Memorial Day picnics...

Do we have any serious Cavs fans that read this or closet fans... well, Ryan and I stayed up to watch the game (actually i went to a lia sophia jewelry party, and then came home to watch the 2nd half) and "bron bron" scored a 3 pointer at the last second to win the game....

Good thing we are going to the game on Tuesday night to cheer him on... tickets are hard to come by for this series but of course, Ryan pulled through with some tickets... so look for us on T.v. ... although, we are not in the front row with Usher, we will be on lower level...So look for the mmm, pregnant chick with the guy who wears the jerseys to the game ... (lol, inside joke)

pictures are coming soon of our new addition to our house ...aka new flat screen tv

- went to the gym this morning before Scarlett's dance
- Scarlett won't be performing in her year end dance recital.... we have a wedding around the corner
- going to see Mr. Jack (3 weeks old) tonight while the guys head out to watch some sports...the girls are veggin
- jodi weed is coming to babysit scarlett while we go to orlando for the game...
- church picnic coming up on monday and a birthday party in the afternoon
- 9 more days of preschool and we are done for the summer and Scarlett is done until probably next January ...when she turns three... after she turns three, we might put her back into the preschool for like 2 mornings...we will see
- busy weekend and week, getting ready for a shower, leaving for ohio, scrapbooking, going to sarasota next weekend...maybe someday i will make time to have a

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Rain Rain

It has not stopped raining now since Sunday afternoon.... i am not even kidding.

It isn't suppose to stop until like Thursday.

On another note:

- Rachel our sitter came over this evening while i went to play some Bunco with some girlfriends
- Scarlett has been really irritable... i am thinking the sinus infection she seems to be having has moved into her ears...
- Scarlett will tell you that Ryan is in "bama" and she counts down days until he returns
- Cavs game .... here we come, they are playing game 3 and 4 and i believe 7 here in orlando... i think we are going to go on Sunday while a girlfriend watches Scarlett... we would take her but the game is at 8:30 at night and its about a 60 minute drive ... scarlett says go "bron bron"
- Going to have a jewelry party on the 9th of June (tuesday)... anyone reading this within the united states could probably come ... for real JOy ... you could fly from Germany and come !!!
- really need to write some thank yous...

Monday, May 18, 2009


The other Jill with the help of some other girls had an amazing and relaxing shower for me this past Saturday.
Our family is so lucky to have met and known all of these wonderful people down here in the south.
Not to mention that when you live around no family, they become a part of your life and family.

Opening presents was so much fun... we received so many things that we will be able to use... Scarlett loved the tent.

Which by the way, a few girlfriends thought it was funny that i play the accordion, so they found a small one for the baby.... lol

I had to post another picture of this super cute cake... Jill did such an amazing job.

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More shower pics

The super cute favors

Ana and Lindsey laughing about something!!

Lindsey and Jill telling everyone to get some

One of the wonderful gifts that I got, and it was super cute... it was all lady bugged themed

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We stopped by this little shack thing for breakfast

We even decorated cupcakes for the Mother's Day weekend.

Scarlett hangin out in the car for a break at the beach.

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Few extra Pictures

We had a Bunco fundraiser for Special Olympics, and Ryan donated this wonderful basket to the event. I also attended and had a blast with a bunch of women playing Bunco

Anna, me and the other Jill before the 5K run at Ormond beach

Aby's 3rd birthday party

happy 3rd birthday Abigal .... by the way.... the mommy, Ana Blaine, is due a few weeks after me!!

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The party

The Jaquet Family

The family garage sale from Joy's pantry .... picture from above!!

The girls playing with play-doh

The graduate checking out the speeding ticket that he thought dad didn't know about
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Off and away

My brother Curt graduated from the University of Toledo with his pharmacy degree.
Joy and Sam are off to Germany as I have mentioned, so here are some pictures from the party.

Some of my neices at the party.

My sister Joy with baby Kora.

Uncles, aunts and cousins

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Ok really blond

Really blond moment

At the shower this weekend, all the girls had to use one word to describe me, and i won't go into details about many words .... one of the words was blond.

So, my sister today totally popped my bubble... totally

She informed me that Grandma Erma's middle name is Katherine and not Kay.

I am not sure if i just always thought it was Kay because it was Erma K. or what

Grrrr, why am i so clueless

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Hint from the weekend!!

The girls that were still at the shower after 3 hours.... we tried to get the picture with the ten second timer!!

the other Jill, Anna, Lindsey and Melissa threw an amazing shower... i am so truly blessed to have such amazing friends.

Few hints of the food and decor!!

The driving force, the other Jill behind the shower!!

Not sure if we will ever be able to comprehend our own friendship, its beyond words.
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Little Things

Sometimes we miss the little things in life.

Sometimes we are so busy that we forget about how important little things are to little people.

This weekend has been busy and I have so many pictures to upload and share with you about our wonderful weekend.
Most of all, with Ryan traveling and really, all of us finally getting back into the groove of things, it was nice to spend our Sundays like we usually spend them.

We go to church in the mornings, grab a bagel afterwards, relax in the afternoon and head to small group bible study in the evening. It was so nice to see everyone this morning at church and then to spend time with our closer friends from church in small group.

After all that went on this weekend, we are so blessed to have all of our little things in life.
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Saturday, May 16, 2009


Yep... up at 6:00 a.m. on a saturday, getting some things done..

1. blogged
2. went to get groceries ... which by the way saved $59.00, spent $41.00 that is what i am talkin about
3. ran (oops, jogged) around our neighborhood
4. put everything away, make pasta salad for the boys today
5. jumpin in the shower

- ryan and scarlett are still sleepin... how peaceful and relaxing has this morning been.

I am so blessed

I sometimes forget how really good I have it...
especially when my hubby has been gone all week and then comes home.
You start to miss him, ya know.

Our wedding day was an awesome and memorable day and I thank anyone who was a part of it, although the honeymoon was 10xbetter. Ok, i won't elaborate.

Anyways, this weekend will be such a fun and wonderful weekend.
The other Jill is having a small shower for me, which is very thoughtful but (i already had one with Scarlett) but that is a no win situation.

Ryan is getting his FLAT SCREEN T.V. this weekend (and we will probably get a new lazboyrockingchair for the nursery)

BUT... this T.V. is a big deal... you see I wasn't raised around a T.V., so i really don't watch much, except maybe the news.
So last night, Ryan was telling me he upgraded our package because you see when you get a new FLAT screen or something with HD or GD or something, you have to buy the package. I won't tell you what we already spend, which i think is outragous, did i mention ITS expensive.

This has been something he has wanted for a long time, did i mention they started coming out, oh, i don't know, like 5 years ago.. probably the year we were getting married and he never thought he could spend the money.

SO, because i make such a HEFTY paycheck working at the preschool (ok, really, i think i make minimum wage) (i put my money ALL toward my masters college) ...i have saved a little money out of each check to pay for most of his T.V. so twenty here and there has finally added up and this weekend is the big weekend.

SO, last night, he decided he would watch the news with me for 15 minutes ...i know, we had to wait until after the Indians game to do it too... wouldn't want to miss one of the 180 games they have... but anyways.

on the news it went in a sequence like this...
- girl abducted from her home, strange man entered the house and did things i dont' want to blog about
- pastors son did things to about 20 girls i don't want to blog about
- son at the age of 18 has been released because he is an adult... ok
- at the court hearing, the pastors wife fell over dead ...not kidding but the news crew just kept on chuckin
- police chase a stolen car that the man held up 5 CVS...

Ok, at this point, he had a point... after 15 minutes i was rattled... we went back to sports where we watch a man hit a mindless ball into the outfield and the guy on the tv talks about how awesome it was for 15 minutes ...

little better than the news.

in other words:
i love my husband
he is good to my daughter even if he makes her watch the boring 3 hour game of baseball
i feel bad that he doesn't get to golf as much as he use to
he works hard so i can stay home with Scarlett
he travels a lot and misses his family
he lets me buy my kirby sweeper, kitchen table, new appliances when ever i want
he puts others needs in front of his
he misses tinkering with his dad outside in the barn
so glad i married to such a wonderful man
i love my husband, and will for the rest of my life
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Friday, May 15, 2009

How cool is this?!!!

So, because my blond hair gets in the way sometime
because i am very forgetful and sometimes its quite annoying
i didn't even remember that my other mother in law's middle is


yep, you heard me right....

So, now our next little girl is named after family and we are so pumped.

My middle name is Elizabeth, which has been passed down on my mom's side, so hence, Scarlett Elizabeth

The next little girl's middle name, is going to be Kay. (mentioned in another post)

Ryan's mom, Vicki Kay, my Grandma Erma Kay who just passed and Shari Kay Butler.

I really could hardly sleep, my excitement of this just kept me up... maybe by 1 a.m. i will doze off...

Scarlett playing with nana (aka.. Shari Kay Butler)

maybe by 1 a.m. i will have another brillant addition, but i am not sure it gets much better than this.
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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Getting ready for the weekend

It seems on Thursdays we start to get ready for the weekends, as they are always packed full of things to do.

Ryan will be flying into town LATE...way after my 1100 bedtime, so maybe he will take Scarlett to school in the morning, so she can see him... she loves when daddy takes her to school (although i take her usually and she is in my class....duh, why would he take her she still feels like big stuff coming in late.

I am finished officially at the preschool on like June 5th or something, so i only have about three more weeks. June 5 is a day that the end of the school year is at the preschool and then they start summer session, so it was a nice closing point... although they thing i am strapping the infant on me next fall and going back ... mmm. ... not so much (they don't understand, i have a lot to do .... Germany, nose surgery, Ohio state football games, and much more)

someday i will update you on the deviated septum surgery that will probably take place around thanksgiving this year ... (hint: already hit our deductible with the baby, may as well get that free too) .... long time ago, nose hit, broken, continued to get worse, and now its getting fixed ....


- planning a girlfriends shower ... Cami ... she is due July4, its her first and the girls name is Grace.

- the smiths might be coming down to florida .... Yipee.... Scarlett loved playing at dylans house, as she looks at the pictures all the time

- oh yah, i haven't talked much about my 2nd pregnancy... going great, loving to eat anything in site, trying to stay active at the gym, i think i am pretty much in prego clothes .. still trying to fit into some of my favorite regular clothes... the little one seems to be kicking much more than i remember with scarlett, but who remembers that stuff from one to the next ... maybe i will post some updated pictures, but really it looks like any other pregnant belly (big, round and wondering when the poor girl is due) lol

- i have to finish adams scrapbook stuff for his graduation party in june.... so if you stop over in the next few weeks adn its all over my table, excuse the mess... lol

- i think we are going away over memorial day to the spa that ryan got for me for vday or something

- we might be booking it down to sarasota one of these weekends to take a mini vacation with the other ryan and jill (the weekend we flew home for grandma erma's funeral, was the weekend we were going on our mini vacation down south) so we attempted to reschedule.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


So, we haven't really decided on a name.... for our precious new little girl.

We really aren't the type to hide what we are having or naming our child.

If we know, we will tell you.

However, we believe that Kay will be the middle name.


Well, Grandma Ingold's middle name is Kay.

AND, Ryan's mom, Vicki's middle name is Kay.

How unique and special is that??

It may change but for now we are probably sticking with that .... we just haven't finalized the first name.....

any votes on the following:

Sydney Kay ... ryan likes
Stella Kay ... Jill loves and already named her this way before Tori Spelling (may vary with Estella)
Silver Kay ... just thought of when Scarlett didn't know the color of her shoes
Tessa Kay ... Ryan just decided last week he liked ....

(these may change next week)

P.S. ... if anyone else has the middle name Kay, then yes, you can be included but we thought is was a really neat family name to use.

Joy and Sam

Week in the life of staying in Florida!!!

Our travels have slowed.... and joy and Sam are off and away

- Sam and Joy officially moved to Germany ... click on Joy and Sam above in my caption and you will find their link to their life in Germany .... tooooo funny

- My brother Curt graduated with his pharmacy degree. He has started his new job at Barberton Hospital.

- Ryan's sister, Ashley is getting married in June... just ordered Scarlett's dresses and we missed her shower this past Saturday.

- nothing new, but Ryan is off to "SAW" as Scarlett puts it... she knows a few states in our country because we fly Ryan's plane every week to the state that he flys too...

- she also knows where Russia (she likes saying the name), Cananda(that is where the other jill's mommy lives), Africa(she loves elephants), China (she likes the song we sing about C-H-ina) and Mexico (we just started talking about it and it starts with an M like Mommy) is located... these are places she wants to visit .... hint hint daddy ....

- she is learning where Germany (we have a song, what is going on) is but gets frustrated when i ask where Kora lives and she says "i -o" which means ohio.

- ran a 5k on saturday .... finished under my goal of 45 minutes!! (the other jill and anna... mmm... they beat me... lol)

- celebrated a birthday party this weekend and Scarlett had a blast.

- potty training was going great until we flew back and forth to many times for anyone to count, she is in pull-ups and will usually tell us what is going on down there ... if you know what i mean... except when "daddy is on duty" cuz she knows she can get away with anything.

Props to my hubby because:

- just put up an amazing fence around our air-conditioner
- fixed our 30 sprinklers in our yard (not kidding, our water bill just sky-rocketed)
- took down everything in his office to get ready for baby #2
- helps out around the house all the time
- always helps out with Scarlett
- spoiled me on Mothers day (and himself)
- cleaned the whole pool area and anything else we needed to clean
- loves me and texts me when he is away
- loves our daughter and misses her when he is away
- can't wait to get old together ... he did just mention that ... or did i tell him that he probably can't wait until then... lol... inside joke

Heading back to Florida

Nana and Pappaw celebrating their anniversary.

Scarlett and mommy in the airport with our MASK on... just incase Swine flu was floating around!!

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