Thursday, May 14, 2009

Getting ready for the weekend

It seems on Thursdays we start to get ready for the weekends, as they are always packed full of things to do.

Ryan will be flying into town LATE...way after my 1100 bedtime, so maybe he will take Scarlett to school in the morning, so she can see him... she loves when daddy takes her to school (although i take her usually and she is in my class....duh, why would he take her she still feels like big stuff coming in late.

I am finished officially at the preschool on like June 5th or something, so i only have about three more weeks. June 5 is a day that the end of the school year is at the preschool and then they start summer session, so it was a nice closing point... although they thing i am strapping the infant on me next fall and going back ... mmm. ... not so much (they don't understand, i have a lot to do .... Germany, nose surgery, Ohio state football games, and much more)

someday i will update you on the deviated septum surgery that will probably take place around thanksgiving this year ... (hint: already hit our deductible with the baby, may as well get that free too) .... long time ago, nose hit, broken, continued to get worse, and now its getting fixed ....


- planning a girlfriends shower ... Cami ... she is due July4, its her first and the girls name is Grace.

- the smiths might be coming down to florida .... Yipee.... Scarlett loved playing at dylans house, as she looks at the pictures all the time

- oh yah, i haven't talked much about my 2nd pregnancy... going great, loving to eat anything in site, trying to stay active at the gym, i think i am pretty much in prego clothes .. still trying to fit into some of my favorite regular clothes... the little one seems to be kicking much more than i remember with scarlett, but who remembers that stuff from one to the next ... maybe i will post some updated pictures, but really it looks like any other pregnant belly (big, round and wondering when the poor girl is due) lol

- i have to finish adams scrapbook stuff for his graduation party in june.... so if you stop over in the next few weeks adn its all over my table, excuse the mess... lol

- i think we are going away over memorial day to the spa that ryan got for me for vday or something

- we might be booking it down to sarasota one of these weekends to take a mini vacation with the other ryan and jill (the weekend we flew home for grandma erma's funeral, was the weekend we were going on our mini vacation down south) so we attempted to reschedule.

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