Tuesday, May 12, 2009


So, we haven't really decided on a name.... for our precious new little girl.

We really aren't the type to hide what we are having or naming our child.

If we know, we will tell you.

However, we believe that Kay will be the middle name.


Well, Grandma Ingold's middle name is Kay.

AND, Ryan's mom, Vicki's middle name is Kay.

How unique and special is that??

It may change but for now we are probably sticking with that .... we just haven't finalized the first name.....

any votes on the following:

Sydney Kay ... ryan likes
Stella Kay ... Jill loves and already named her this way before Tori Spelling (may vary with Estella)
Silver Kay ... just thought of when Scarlett didn't know the color of her shoes
Tessa Kay ... Ryan just decided last week he liked ....

(these may change next week)

P.S. ... if anyone else has the middle name Kay, then yes, you can be included but we thought is was a really neat family name to use.


Angie and Brian said...

Ooh ooh I vote for Sydney.

Can I be the first to make an obnoxious comment about your names? If you go with Silver I think you should give her your maiden name as her middle name.
Silver Ingold - get it?...Lame, I know.

They are all cute :) What a dilemna the name game is though! Good luck!

Jennifer said...

Are you going with the letter S for the first name? Instead of Stella you could use Stellar (Our friend Adam's little girl has that name. Thought it was cute.

If not - I love the name Kennedy -we didn't use it because I didn't want another K name (that was kid's mother idea for Russ' first 3children)

Gardner's said...

I love the names...
can't wait for this little girl to arrive!

Connie said...

I love all four of those names. Hard to pick a favorite!