Saturday, May 23, 2009

Rainy Weekend

So the rain didn't stop on Thursday, instead it decided to stick around for another week... today, on saturday morning we got a glimpse of the sun. I guess we took for granted the lovely, sunny Florida sun. HOpefully, it stops for our Memorial Day picnics...

Do we have any serious Cavs fans that read this or closet fans... well, Ryan and I stayed up to watch the game (actually i went to a lia sophia jewelry party, and then came home to watch the 2nd half) and "bron bron" scored a 3 pointer at the last second to win the game....

Good thing we are going to the game on Tuesday night to cheer him on... tickets are hard to come by for this series but of course, Ryan pulled through with some tickets... so look for us on T.v. ... although, we are not in the front row with Usher, we will be on lower level...So look for the mmm, pregnant chick with the guy who wears the jerseys to the game ... (lol, inside joke)

pictures are coming soon of our new addition to our house ...aka new flat screen tv

- went to the gym this morning before Scarlett's dance
- Scarlett won't be performing in her year end dance recital.... we have a wedding around the corner
- going to see Mr. Jack (3 weeks old) tonight while the guys head out to watch some sports...the girls are veggin
- jodi weed is coming to babysit scarlett while we go to orlando for the game...
- church picnic coming up on monday and a birthday party in the afternoon
- 9 more days of preschool and we are done for the summer and Scarlett is done until probably next January ...when she turns three... after she turns three, we might put her back into the preschool for like 2 mornings...we will see
- busy weekend and week, getting ready for a shower, leaving for ohio, scrapbooking, going to sarasota next weekend...maybe someday i will make time to have a