Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Joy and Sam

Week in the life of staying in Florida!!!

Our travels have slowed.... and joy and Sam are off and away

- Sam and Joy officially moved to Germany ... click on Joy and Sam above in my caption and you will find their link to their life in Germany .... tooooo funny

- My brother Curt graduated with his pharmacy degree. He has started his new job at Barberton Hospital.

- Ryan's sister, Ashley is getting married in June... just ordered Scarlett's dresses and we missed her shower this past Saturday.

- nothing new, but Ryan is off to "SAW" as Scarlett puts it... she knows a few states in our country because we fly Ryan's plane every week to the state that he flys too...

- she also knows where Russia (she likes saying the name), Cananda(that is where the other jill's mommy lives), Africa(she loves elephants), China (she likes the song we sing about C-H-ina) and Mexico (we just started talking about it and it starts with an M like Mommy) is located... these are places she wants to visit .... hint hint daddy ....

- she is learning where Germany (we have a song, what is going on) is but gets frustrated when i ask where Kora lives and she says "i -o" which means ohio.

- ran a 5k on saturday .... finished under my goal of 45 minutes!! (the other jill and anna... mmm... they beat me... lol)

- celebrated a birthday party this weekend and Scarlett had a blast.

- potty training was going great until we flew back and forth to many times for anyone to count, she is in pull-ups and will usually tell us what is going on down there ... if you know what i mean... except when "daddy is on duty" cuz she knows she can get away with anything.

Props to my hubby because:

- just put up an amazing fence around our air-conditioner
- fixed our 30 sprinklers in our yard (not kidding, our water bill just sky-rocketed)
- took down everything in his office to get ready for baby #2
- helps out around the house all the time
- always helps out with Scarlett
- spoiled me on Mothers day (and himself)
- cleaned the whole pool area and anything else we needed to clean
- loves me and texts me when he is away
- loves our daughter and misses her when he is away
- can't wait to get old together ... he did just mention that ... or did i tell him that he probably can't wait until then... lol... inside joke

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