Monday, May 18, 2009


The other Jill with the help of some other girls had an amazing and relaxing shower for me this past Saturday.
Our family is so lucky to have met and known all of these wonderful people down here in the south.
Not to mention that when you live around no family, they become a part of your life and family.

Opening presents was so much fun... we received so many things that we will be able to use... Scarlett loved the tent.

Which by the way, a few girlfriends thought it was funny that i play the accordion, so they found a small one for the baby.... lol

I had to post another picture of this super cute cake... Jill did such an amazing job.

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Angie and Brian said...

Love your dress- super cute!

Gardner's said...

SUPER CUTE SHOWER TOO... they really did a great job!