Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Rain Rain

It has not stopped raining now since Sunday afternoon.... i am not even kidding.

It isn't suppose to stop until like Thursday.

On another note:

- Rachel our sitter came over this evening while i went to play some Bunco with some girlfriends
- Scarlett has been really irritable... i am thinking the sinus infection she seems to be having has moved into her ears...
- Scarlett will tell you that Ryan is in "bama" and she counts down days until he returns
- Cavs game .... here we come, they are playing game 3 and 4 and i believe 7 here in orlando... i think we are going to go on Sunday while a girlfriend watches Scarlett... we would take her but the game is at 8:30 at night and its about a 60 minute drive ... scarlett says go "bron bron"
- Going to have a jewelry party on the 9th of June (tuesday)... anyone reading this within the united states could probably come ... for real JOy ... you could fly from Germany and come !!!
- really need to write some thank yous...


Gardner's said...

I would love to come :o)!!!

Gardner's said...

what jewerly company is it??