Saturday, May 16, 2009

I am so blessed

I sometimes forget how really good I have it...
especially when my hubby has been gone all week and then comes home.
You start to miss him, ya know.

Our wedding day was an awesome and memorable day and I thank anyone who was a part of it, although the honeymoon was 10xbetter. Ok, i won't elaborate.

Anyways, this weekend will be such a fun and wonderful weekend.
The other Jill is having a small shower for me, which is very thoughtful but (i already had one with Scarlett) but that is a no win situation.

Ryan is getting his FLAT SCREEN T.V. this weekend (and we will probably get a new lazboyrockingchair for the nursery)

BUT... this T.V. is a big deal... you see I wasn't raised around a T.V., so i really don't watch much, except maybe the news.
So last night, Ryan was telling me he upgraded our package because you see when you get a new FLAT screen or something with HD or GD or something, you have to buy the package. I won't tell you what we already spend, which i think is outragous, did i mention ITS expensive.

This has been something he has wanted for a long time, did i mention they started coming out, oh, i don't know, like 5 years ago.. probably the year we were getting married and he never thought he could spend the money.

SO, because i make such a HEFTY paycheck working at the preschool (ok, really, i think i make minimum wage) (i put my money ALL toward my masters college) ...i have saved a little money out of each check to pay for most of his T.V. so twenty here and there has finally added up and this weekend is the big weekend.

SO, last night, he decided he would watch the news with me for 15 minutes ...i know, we had to wait until after the Indians game to do it too... wouldn't want to miss one of the 180 games they have... but anyways.

on the news it went in a sequence like this...
- girl abducted from her home, strange man entered the house and did things i dont' want to blog about
- pastors son did things to about 20 girls i don't want to blog about
- son at the age of 18 has been released because he is an adult... ok
- at the court hearing, the pastors wife fell over dead ...not kidding but the news crew just kept on chuckin
- police chase a stolen car that the man held up 5 CVS...

Ok, at this point, he had a point... after 15 minutes i was rattled... we went back to sports where we watch a man hit a mindless ball into the outfield and the guy on the tv talks about how awesome it was for 15 minutes ...

little better than the news.

in other words:
i love my husband
he is good to my daughter even if he makes her watch the boring 3 hour game of baseball
i feel bad that he doesn't get to golf as much as he use to
he works hard so i can stay home with Scarlett
he travels a lot and misses his family
he lets me buy my kirby sweeper, kitchen table, new appliances when ever i want
he puts others needs in front of his
he misses tinkering with his dad outside in the barn
so glad i married to such a wonderful man
i love my husband, and will for the rest of my life
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Gardner's said...

you have a WONDERFUL husband! We are soo blessed to have him in our family!