Friday, October 31, 2008


Scarlett and Mason riding from house to house

Cole helping Scarlett to the door!

Some of the kids at the house before trick or treat!

Scarlett and Angelina at the fall show at school.

On halloween, a few friends stopped over to trick or treat in our neighborhood. We started at 5:30 and we were exhausted by 7. Later in the evening, Ryan and I stayed on our front porch and gave out candy. We always enjoy the relaxing evening.

Thursday, October 30, 2008


We need amendment 2 to pass in florida, or we are going to pass so many problems onto our children in the education world!

By the way...Today was our anniversary. We went to a fall party and then had some sushi for celebration!... pictures to come

Happy Halloween

Scarlett looking at our pumpkin that pooed

playin at Aidan and Liam's house with
Trista and Aby!

Scarlett's first caramel apple. We had a little playdate at the other Jill's and she made caramel apples for the kids.

Halloween was a blast. We went to beckah's house on Thursday evening before Halloween. We had so much fun. Daddy came home after being gone all week, stopped in for a few and then we went home and had some sushi/wine.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Today we officially wore pants and a jacket. I don't think our temps reached above 65. I guess in Florida every so often we have days that get below 80!! lol

Sidenote: Scarlett loved her little jacket that grandma bought for her!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Tinkerbell Shoes

Seriously... this is serious!!

So, we got the outfit on sale last year... big deal, but then we had to buy the shoes to match the outfit... bigger deal... the shoes were sooo expensive, well, the shoes didn't fit so i bid on ebay for another pair (pretty pricey) and WON... however, in the mean time, Ryan stretched out the other pair and they fit! O-H - MY...

So here is the pic!! Needless to say, we learned a lesson... next year on Oct. 28, i will go out and buy a complete outfit for Halloween!

Sunday... just Jill's

Scarlett and Grayson in his new swingset
They love to play

Kissing baby Maren

Scarlett with baby Maren (can you see her beautiful blue eyes)

Well, the boys were off to the browns game in jax, so Jill and I of course, got together! The browns won. Jill made a wonderful chicken salad and then we came home to get some stuff done and get ready for the week...

thoughts of the day:
ohio state didn't play so well... we had a few friends over...that was fun
church was wonderful today
our pastor is amazing...i will try to link his blog
last week in church we discussed marriage = man and women... no exceptions
in florida we are trying to pass an amendment that supports marriages and not well, you know
scarlett wore her tutu to church!!!
btw...she loves stickers

Ryan and ryan were in the suite at the browns game... jill and i were at our
i have a sunday school meeting this week
we have a few playdates since its close to Halloween
Ryan will only be gone for a few days this week!! yipee
our anniversary is Thursday...i am so excited, we may be going to church to listen to a golfer that is in town for the big Ginn Tournament, he is a Christian and has a powerful message


Scarlett and Grayson = Bubbles

Ruthie our next door neighbor who is always helping us
played with Scarlett and Grayson on Wednesday!!

Jill was taking Grayson and Scarlett on a ride in the wagon
at the same time holding Maren in the Baby Bjorn... Grayson was
taking the picture, he did pretty good, except it might have been
better without my head...

Scarlett loves to be outside by the pool!!

It has been so nice that we have just been enjoying the pool and the weather!! The other Jill had parent teacher conferences so I went and picked them up early from the sitters and played!! We had a blast!!

Thoughts of the day:

We were so disappointed to miss Joanna's 30th birthday party!
We missed the annual fish fry that my Uncle Dale does every year!!
I really miss my family!

Pumpkin Patch

Alicia and Scarlett painting pumpkins

Popee and Scarlett going to town!!

i want this one!!!

I just love pumpkins!!

For the 2nd year in a row (boy we have been here too long) we have went to Old Kings Elementary School's pumpkin patch... This year we went and it was so nice to see our friends there too!!

Playdate at Scarlett' house

Merritt and Scarlett are great friends. Merritt
is always protecting is tooo cute!!

Scarlett, Trista and Abby doing artwork!!

Of course, Scarlett and Merritt eating marshmellows and goldfish!!

I always forget to take pictures of playdates...but these pics are from this past Friday!! It was nice to enjoy Friday afternoon and evening with friends!!

Hungary Jack Pancakes

sCarletT eating HUNGARY JACK pancakes

MaRk and RyAn

As most of you know, Ryan works with brokers who in turn sell his products in the south. These pictures are of Ryan and his broker, Mark (who by the way is really cool) and a germ freak...he woke up the next morning to a runny nose and a sore throat because he was around anyways, Ryan and Mark made about 80 pancakes for the entire preschool where Scarlett are some pictures of them and the kids!! (i couldn't put too many pictures of the kids up because of security reasons)

Friday, October 24, 2008

Go Bucks

Thought i would add a quick link to how big this game is!!

2nd round

I am on the 2nd coat of paint for my wonderful 2.99 desk. Ryan is so proud of me that he said he wouldn't mind if i paint it black and add it to his office. Ok... that would put me back big time...
desk 2.99 + my paints is like up to 50.00...if i had to paint it black..oh man.. Joy is right we could have just bought a NEW desk!

Scarlett had a good day at school, came home and was SOOO exhausted she slept, Ryan was home so i went shopping and ran some errands. She usually naps from 1-4!!

By the way, speaking of shopping. So i officially sort of have a job, so i decided that i don't have to save every penny. So i went shopping and bought Jessica Simpsons shoes (my favorite). My mother in law bought me Jessica boots last year and i LOVE them, (so does everyone else) they are always asking to borrow them! One pair is super cute red, another is black flats (which ryan say look really OLD, so i might return them) and another pair that is purple, and i really don't need them, but they WERE 78.00 and i got htem for 13.00..hello, i need them! Another pair was just black sandals that I also need! I thought i return one but i am starting to like them all! Man was my money burning a hole in my pocket. oh well, thats it for a while, no more spending!

By the way, I can't remember if i posted in another post what i actually do... well, i will try to make it short. I was going to return to teaching full time
1. i missed it
2. i love teaching

BUT... we felt that it would be better to keep Scarlett with me SOOO i didn't go back to full time teaching ...however,
The preschool that i looked at last spring has really great things going on, and so i was going to take her there for a few mornings, but then what would i do? Workout, shop, eat, have breakfast...the list is never ending. So the director asked if I would like to work there, mmm.. not really, working with little guys 18 months to 3 years..not so much. WELL, then the offer was a little better. "We will pay you to come with your daughter, teach her class and she can come for free." Ok, now you know the rest of the story. We go to school from about 8:30 - 12:30.. it seems to be working out ok for all of us~ needless to say, i have benefited with my new shoes too!!

Thoughts of the day:
seriously, if you read this entire post, you have to be as exhausted as i am
i miss my little house, the bigger the house, the more you have to clean
joy will be building and moving out of the little house, HELLO CURT??
in about 2 weeks i get a new cell phone
our anniversary is getting closer...i am sooo excited
we are going to the gym and beach this weekend
after bidding and paying a lot of money for tinkerbell shoes, ryan informs me that he stretched out the other pair of tinkerbell we have TWO
Amy said that Trace and the Katantic family are doing great!
we are carving pumpkins tomorrow, and then baking the seeds YUMMY
Scarlett loves to watch her OSU DVD and hang up the flag on saturdays

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Ryan came home tonight... actually later then usual. His flight was delayed and I was tutoring tonight at Sylvan, so Jenna came over to babysit Scarlett. Ryan called to see if we wanted Wendy's and we told him, mmm, no, we are going to get some wings. So jenna and I adventured out to get wings, of course, we ran into people we knew everywhere.

Actually the whole diaper thing has me going. I went to Publix after Houligan's wings to get diapers and it was 16.99... gas goes down and diapers go up! DOn't worry, Publix lets you use coupons, and as many as you want... one time i got diapers for 4.99!! Yipee, adn thanks to my neighbors for always collecting them for me!!

Thoughts of the day:
I have to call Joy to finish Mary Kay orders
Joy is going to love her new baby!!
Let me tell you why:
Scarlett is loving steamed broccoli and Mickey Mouse Pasta
Scarlett loves school buses, octopus, fish and airplanes
Scarlett LOVES her babies... we are going to get her the American Girl Doll for babies collection
Scarlett is loving pumpkins and anything to do with them
We are loving everything that she loves because life is so much fun right now
Scarlett can do the motions to Jesus loves me and God our Father
Scarlett at 7:15 p.m.will walk into her room and beg to go to bed...we let her!
I have to drag my child out of bed at 8:00 a.m. to go to school.. oh, how hard!!
Scarlett loves stickers and anything to do with sticking those darn things anywhere.
Popee walked into the door tonight after being gone and she ran and gave him hugs and pointed to the sky. She knew he came down from the plane...its awesome.
Scarlett loves Dan the man and her tractor she got from Christmas.
Scarlett can float.!!
Mommy is glad daddy is home...its our anniversary next week!
We hopefully will have a relaxing weekend.
We are having a few people over for the bucks game and that is IT.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Our pool is pretty cold...I am getting nervous because Amy, Joy and Crew are coming down in a few weeks and they will be freezing. THe temps are in the 80's and the pool, well, it feels chilly.

Scarlett finished swimming lessons and hopefully has the skills to float if anything would happen...! We have been working with her on the pool rules!!

I can't figure out how to turn the pics on the page... however, Scarlett is so into potty time it is just wearin me out. I told her she is going to have to wait until she turns two to really start, but she loves to sit on that potty! GRRR

Ok... so the title was water... water in the potty and water in the pool!!

Happy Fall

Scarlett and Grayson have been playing away and of course i toke pictures but i don't load pictures every night from my they are coming.

Ryan is off and away in some state...i believe its Alabama, then home on thursday... this weekend we are so relaxin... it seems that we have been on the goo, go, go!

This next coming weekend is Halloween and we are sooo pumped... You will have to come back to see if we have found the missing Tinkerbell shoes... i am so upset about the tinkerbell frenzy.. Last year, the outfit was on sale, so ryan and I purchased it, not knowing that EVERY one was going to be Tinkerbell this year. SO bummed!

Thoughts of the day:
Ruthie and Steve made really yummy ribs tonight and brought them over for Scarlett and I...they are our adopted family among others, we try to watch out for them and they watch out for us... tell you the truth (they really do watch out for me, especially when ryan is gone)
The other Jill lost her voice and has long conference days, so i am taking the kids.
Ryan and Ryan are going to watch the Browns in Jax this weekend!
My desk has been primmed and it is on its way to looking like 500.00
We are going to carve pumpkins this weekend.
I am loving my new classroom at school... the picture above is from the first day of school... in the classroom that i will be teaching with Scarlett in my class.
Amy has pics all over her page of her kids..look under my post comments and you can click into her page (i think)
My garage is a mess...seriously at first i couldn't pull into it with a i can't walk in it!! AHHHH...i need an attic or basement!!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Beautiful Weekend

PIctures above are Scarlett playing at school and Scarlett at St. Augustine with Ryan's mom and us eating!!

It has been beautiful here in the great state of Florida. This morning we went to the pumpkin patch to paint a pumpkin. We saw some of our friends out there, so that was nice to catch up!

Last night, we had a little playdate at our house. It was nice to see all of Scarlett's little friends. Since I am busy in the mornings with Scarlett's school, I haven't been able to go to many playdates in the mornings with her. Ryan was in town this week and made pancakes for Scarlett's school. I think he made about 80 pancakes!!! Scarlett loved showing off her daddy.

Biker Week has taken over our county. Bike week is in Daytona this week and it is hopping. So we aren't really doing much this weekend!

I do have to tell you though, that I bought a small little desk at Goodwill (yes i did) and i am in the midst of painting it. However here is the breakdown. Tell me if you think it was worth it.

Desk 2.99
Paint 11.99
Primer 8.99
New handles for three drawers 11.99
Paintbrush because when we paint we NEVER clean the brushes...duh 11.99

So far that is it... however the desk is only like 4 feet by 2.

So i will see if i can take a before picture and an after picture and let me know what you think!! it is for my laptop in my bedroom... that thing is always on the table, couch or whereever it ends up!!

Saturday, October 11, 2008


October is our favorite time of the year.
- we have been married for 4 years... and yes, when we were on our honeymoon we watched the polls come in for our president.
- its a great time of year in Ohio and now we are enjoying it in Florida
- the buckeyes have some good games this month
- we love halloween... at least the candy part of it
- it was my favorite month to teach

It has been a busy week and finally Ryan is home and we are back into the swing of things for at least a week until he leaves again!

we went to our first time share meeting and we walked out NOT interested so it was easy to say NO. We did walk away with two round trip airline tickets and a seven day car rental for listening to a guy tell us that we need to spend more quality time together as a family.... when they came to talk to us ...just Ryan and I, he said, "sir, what time do you get home from work and spend time with your family... ryan replied, "sir, i work at home, i see my girls anytime i want."

I have yet to figure out why people have timeshares?? I don't want anyone telling me where i have to go for vacation (sorry family....i know some of you have them) someday down the road it might be perfect for ryan and i to purchase, at this time, my tight-spending, budgeted husband said NO. I was ok with it for once, i thought mmm... what could i do with the extra 500.00 dollars a month... my rangerover or landrover, shopping spree's everymonth, a golf course membership for my hubby!! mmm... vacation get in line behind the rest of them. Besides the fact that for 30,000...we don't need to really be vacationing anywhere but Ohio.

Thoughts of the week:
My girlfriend was married this weekend in New York. She was the guidance counselor at the school that i did my internship for. We didn't go!!
Scarlett did great in school this week... some of you will be receiving some artwork!
I am totally bad...i went to bed and i couldn't sleep so i am up blogging..I am right outside the bedroom and can hear Ryan sleeping.
Scarlett is adding more words everyday.
She loved the halloween box she got from nana and had stickers in it...who knew it could keep a kid occupied for about an hour, and then later come to find them all stuck to your tile.
We really need to get some pumpkins.
We are going to the beach after church on Sunday.
I wake up everyday to such a wonderful gift... my hubby and baby!!

Monday, October 06, 2008

Happy Monday

Ryan is in New Orleans, so its just Scarlett and I. Scarlett had a water day at school today and had so much fun!! We didn't do too much and she didn't like my tuna noodle thingy i made for supper... lol

i am trying to come up with a new idea for Scarlett's room. I can't decide if i should get a twin bed, double or what? If her cousins come over, i thought it would be nice if they could sleep with her, so who knows what i will do?

I am looking at some bedding at pottery barn but if they wouldn't have so many choices, it would be a whole lot easier!

thoughts for the day:
i love my hubby and baby
seriously the veins in my legs are traveling north and south
i read my sisters blog about my uncle quill and it saddens me that we can't visit with our parents or grandparents.
i ran out of salsa today and i just love my chips and salsa
Aunt Ashley is suppose to be moving into her new rental house
when you are away from your family, it makes you appreciate them even more
i think scarlett is going to be tinkerbell but the shoes i bought with the outfit are getting small...can they hold out for like 25 more days??? grrrr
Scarlett is all about her babies, dressing, changing, bathing... you name it
we are going to orlando again this weekend!

i will load pictures but that would mean plugging my camera in each day, and well, quite frankly i am a little lazy.

Sunday, October 05, 2008


After a relaxing morning at the beach on Saturday, Scarlett and I said a little prayer for our family. They were all at the funeral of my Uncle Quill. Then, we just hung out at the house. Jenna, another fellow Ohio state fan came over to watch the game with us and stayed the night! Needless to say, i didn't accomplish much this weekend.

Thoughts of the day:
i really want a new skillet
Scarlett finally ate about 3 bites of yogurt
weather is beautiful
Prayers for Trace as we hear is doing much better
Trene... a good friend had her baby Calla ... its also her birthday today!!
few years ago, I was in my friends wedding and her anniversary was sat .... Laura and Chad!!
i need to do laundry
Joanna and co... need to join the blog... come on doug, please!!!

Friday, October 03, 2008


I think we might have my sister in law into the blogging world!! and JOy, you are right, dad will be the next in line!! lol... he texted me from moms phone and it was so weird...i texted a paragragh back and then got no response, later when i asked mom about it, she had no idea what i was talking about and figured out that dad had used her phone! does he text each letter or does he know how to use the "word key"

Today, i was a little sad because I did not end up flying home to visit with my family and to see my Uncle Quill's funeral. However, he has been in my thoughts as well as our family that they will begin to remember the many memories that we had with him. I seriously don't think i will ever forget stacking bricks at the schoolhouse in the long hours of the summer on the hottest days of the year. Later, receiving a quarter seemed like it was worth it, but now wondering what i did with those quarters...mmm

i remember visiting Arizona where my uncle once lived and enjoying the hot days there as well, i remember the piano pizza place too...although i have a faint memory of it.

Ryans cousin Lindy had her baby and named her ellie...i loved the name and wanted to use Stella (ella, ellie) if we would have another girl and possibly could do that in the future... the other jill mentioned that i should use the name aquilla if i have a boy because she had never heard of such a name.. and i thought what a good idea, although oooopsss.. i haven't ran that by ryan
although out of aquilla could be the name Will and that was really what we wanted to name our boy... ok, seriously i am so not pregnant but thought i would go on a tangent

thoughts to close out on:
the other jill in florida backed into a coworkers car today and she was devastated ...
Nicki called and was bummed she couldn't pick me up in pittsburgh
scarlett is in bed right now coughing...oh no, here we go!!
we are going to the beach on saturday
i really miss my family and would love to see them this weekend
ryan is in new orleans until next thursday
ohio state plays wisconsin at 8:00
we might be flying home now for new years eve?? tickets are cheap
scarlett may get her first hair cut next week
hoping to link friends that are in blogworld onto my page..
i am going to stop our family website soon since i can barely check my email and keep up with this posting
had two pieces of pizza today and enjoyed every last lick of it
did puzzles with scarlett for about an hour and they are still all over the floor
stayed up late last night after the much talked about debate and now need to go to bed early

Thursday, October 02, 2008


I can't wait to see who will post a comment first...mmmm...


Hello.... well, i am going to attempt this and if it works, I am going to close down our family website and start blogging on here! It is difficult to load pictures on our family website because of my laptop which i think was bought like in 2004... yep, its actually that old!! Also, i pay a monthly charge to load a picture for 5 minutes and its just way to difficult, however... if you don't see any blogging going on then i obviously have reverted back to our family page!!

btw... my sisters are blogging and its just stressin me out that i am not in on and Joanna you may as well jump on board so i know what my whole family is doing everyday!!!!!

ps... i finally was able to load a picture so i will get back with you if this blogging thing works!!