Sunday, October 05, 2008


After a relaxing morning at the beach on Saturday, Scarlett and I said a little prayer for our family. They were all at the funeral of my Uncle Quill. Then, we just hung out at the house. Jenna, another fellow Ohio state fan came over to watch the game with us and stayed the night! Needless to say, i didn't accomplish much this weekend.

Thoughts of the day:
i really want a new skillet
Scarlett finally ate about 3 bites of yogurt
weather is beautiful
Prayers for Trace as we hear is doing much better
Trene... a good friend had her baby Calla ... its also her birthday today!!
few years ago, I was in my friends wedding and her anniversary was sat .... Laura and Chad!!
i need to do laundry
Joanna and co... need to join the blog... come on doug, please!!!


Gardner's said...

You need to add a "Counter" to your blog! It is fun to see how many people actually stop by your blog and never comment!

Jill said...

how do i do that??