Thursday, October 23, 2008


Ryan came home tonight... actually later then usual. His flight was delayed and I was tutoring tonight at Sylvan, so Jenna came over to babysit Scarlett. Ryan called to see if we wanted Wendy's and we told him, mmm, no, we are going to get some wings. So jenna and I adventured out to get wings, of course, we ran into people we knew everywhere.

Actually the whole diaper thing has me going. I went to Publix after Houligan's wings to get diapers and it was 16.99... gas goes down and diapers go up! DOn't worry, Publix lets you use coupons, and as many as you want... one time i got diapers for 4.99!! Yipee, adn thanks to my neighbors for always collecting them for me!!

Thoughts of the day:
I have to call Joy to finish Mary Kay orders
Joy is going to love her new baby!!
Let me tell you why:
Scarlett is loving steamed broccoli and Mickey Mouse Pasta
Scarlett loves school buses, octopus, fish and airplanes
Scarlett LOVES her babies... we are going to get her the American Girl Doll for babies collection
Scarlett is loving pumpkins and anything to do with them
We are loving everything that she loves because life is so much fun right now
Scarlett can do the motions to Jesus loves me and God our Father
Scarlett at 7:15 p.m.will walk into her room and beg to go to bed...we let her!
I have to drag my child out of bed at 8:00 a.m. to go to school.. oh, how hard!!
Scarlett loves stickers and anything to do with sticking those darn things anywhere.
Popee walked into the door tonight after being gone and she ran and gave him hugs and pointed to the sky. She knew he came down from the plane...its awesome.
Scarlett loves Dan the man and her tractor she got from Christmas.
Scarlett can float.!!
Mommy is glad daddy is home...its our anniversary next week!
We hopefully will have a relaxing weekend.
We are having a few people over for the bucks game and that is IT.


mammabaltic said...

Is that a picture of Scarlett in your backyard?? She's getting so big!! The kids love the picture of her sitting on the potty (sideways)!! Counting down the days till we get to come and visit!!

RButler said...

Can't wait to see you guys - I hope the weather cooperates...

Jill said...

ok ... so not a picture of the backyard. It is actually part of the playground at Scarlett's school!

BTW...i have to flip the pictures before i upload them i think!! oops