Saturday, October 11, 2008


October is our favorite time of the year.
- we have been married for 4 years... and yes, when we were on our honeymoon we watched the polls come in for our president.
- its a great time of year in Ohio and now we are enjoying it in Florida
- the buckeyes have some good games this month
- we love halloween... at least the candy part of it
- it was my favorite month to teach

It has been a busy week and finally Ryan is home and we are back into the swing of things for at least a week until he leaves again!

we went to our first time share meeting and we walked out NOT interested so it was easy to say NO. We did walk away with two round trip airline tickets and a seven day car rental for listening to a guy tell us that we need to spend more quality time together as a family.... when they came to talk to us ...just Ryan and I, he said, "sir, what time do you get home from work and spend time with your family... ryan replied, "sir, i work at home, i see my girls anytime i want."

I have yet to figure out why people have timeshares?? I don't want anyone telling me where i have to go for vacation (sorry family....i know some of you have them) someday down the road it might be perfect for ryan and i to purchase, at this time, my tight-spending, budgeted husband said NO. I was ok with it for once, i thought mmm... what could i do with the extra 500.00 dollars a month... my rangerover or landrover, shopping spree's everymonth, a golf course membership for my hubby!! mmm... vacation get in line behind the rest of them. Besides the fact that for 30,000...we don't need to really be vacationing anywhere but Ohio.

Thoughts of the week:
My girlfriend was married this weekend in New York. She was the guidance counselor at the school that i did my internship for. We didn't go!!
Scarlett did great in school this week... some of you will be receiving some artwork!
I am totally bad...i went to bed and i couldn't sleep so i am up blogging..I am right outside the bedroom and can hear Ryan sleeping.
Scarlett is adding more words everyday.
She loved the halloween box she got from nana and had stickers in it...who knew it could keep a kid occupied for about an hour, and then later come to find them all stuck to your tile.
We really need to get some pumpkins.
We are going to the beach after church on Sunday.
I wake up everyday to such a wonderful gift... my hubby and baby!!

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Ingold Co. said...

yes, i agree -who needs a time share when we can stay with you in florida instead?? lol!!