Sunday, October 26, 2008


Scarlett and Grayson = Bubbles

Ruthie our next door neighbor who is always helping us
played with Scarlett and Grayson on Wednesday!!

Jill was taking Grayson and Scarlett on a ride in the wagon
at the same time holding Maren in the Baby Bjorn... Grayson was
taking the picture, he did pretty good, except it might have been
better without my head...

Scarlett loves to be outside by the pool!!

It has been so nice that we have just been enjoying the pool and the weather!! The other Jill had parent teacher conferences so I went and picked them up early from the sitters and played!! We had a blast!!

Thoughts of the day:

We were so disappointed to miss Joanna's 30th birthday party!
We missed the annual fish fry that my Uncle Dale does every year!!
I really miss my family!

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Ingold Co. said...

We missed you too! thanks for the lovely photos!! Tori loves Scarlett's pigtails!!