Saturday, October 18, 2008

Beautiful Weekend

PIctures above are Scarlett playing at school and Scarlett at St. Augustine with Ryan's mom and us eating!!

It has been beautiful here in the great state of Florida. This morning we went to the pumpkin patch to paint a pumpkin. We saw some of our friends out there, so that was nice to catch up!

Last night, we had a little playdate at our house. It was nice to see all of Scarlett's little friends. Since I am busy in the mornings with Scarlett's school, I haven't been able to go to many playdates in the mornings with her. Ryan was in town this week and made pancakes for Scarlett's school. I think he made about 80 pancakes!!! Scarlett loved showing off her daddy.

Biker Week has taken over our county. Bike week is in Daytona this week and it is hopping. So we aren't really doing much this weekend!

I do have to tell you though, that I bought a small little desk at Goodwill (yes i did) and i am in the midst of painting it. However here is the breakdown. Tell me if you think it was worth it.

Desk 2.99
Paint 11.99
Primer 8.99
New handles for three drawers 11.99
Paintbrush because when we paint we NEVER clean the brushes...duh 11.99

So far that is it... however the desk is only like 4 feet by 2.

So i will see if i can take a before picture and an after picture and let me know what you think!! it is for my laptop in my bedroom... that thing is always on the table, couch or whereever it ends up!!


Ingold Co. said...

How about them bucks, eh!!
Nos the cabinet thing...i say, if you have fun making it, and it turns out as you want it to -the cost doesn't matter. but, if it doesn't -then you will be kicking yourself for not just buying a new one. there is such a sense of accomplishment in doing something like this yourself though and that in itself is worth it. PLus, now you have a great story to tell whenever anyone comes over and comments on it!!

Gardner's said...

ok.. Joanna is way to positive! This is exactly the reason why I DO NOT SHOP at Goodwill! You can buy it NONUSED, NEW(*with less GERMS) for cheaper or the same price. lol..but that is just the Ingold in me! :O)