Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Our pool is pretty cold...I am getting nervous because Amy, Joy and Crew are coming down in a few weeks and they will be freezing. THe temps are in the 80's and the pool, well, it feels chilly.

Scarlett finished swimming lessons and hopefully has the skills to float if anything would happen...! We have been working with her on the pool rules!!

I can't figure out how to turn the pics on the page... however, Scarlett is so into potty time it is just wearin me out. I told her she is going to have to wait until she turns two to really start, but she loves to sit on that potty! GRRR

Ok... so the title was water... water in the potty and water in the pool!!


Ingold Co. said...

Reese is potty training too! what fun. Actually i have done the same thing with all mine..they get one peice of gum for going #1, two pieces for going #2. I have a very small gumball machine, and they have all been trained by the time the gum is out of the machine. Good luck!

Ingold Co. said...

oh, i forgot...
LOVE,LOVE, LOVE all the new photos on here. SCarlett is getting so muhc hair -what a cutie! Can't wait to see her as tinkerbell.

Gardner's said...

I was wondering why there was only one picture on here. So I LOVE THE UPDATE of all the PICTURES!! As far as pool water!.. I don't think I'll be anywhere near a swimsuit with this new body I am getting :o)

CristinB said...

I'm soooo excited to stay updated with the Butler Family!!! Hope all is well :o)