Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunday... just Jill's

Scarlett and Grayson in his new swingset
They love to play

Kissing baby Maren

Scarlett with baby Maren (can you see her beautiful blue eyes)

Well, the boys were off to the browns game in jax, so Jill and I of course, got together! The browns won. Jill made a wonderful chicken salad and then we came home to get some stuff done and get ready for the week...

thoughts of the day:
ohio state didn't play so well... we had a few friends over...that was fun
church was wonderful today
our pastor is amazing...i will try to link his blog
last week in church we discussed marriage = man and women... no exceptions
in florida we are trying to pass an amendment that supports marriages and not well, you know
scarlett wore her tutu to church!!!
btw...she loves stickers

Ryan and ryan were in the suite at the browns game... jill and i were at our
i have a sunday school meeting this week
we have a few playdates since its close to Halloween
Ryan will only be gone for a few days this week!! yipee
our anniversary is Thursday...i am so excited, we may be going to church to listen to a golfer that is in town for the big Ginn Tournament, he is a Christian and has a powerful message

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