Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Happy Fall

Scarlett and Grayson have been playing away and of course i toke pictures but i don't load pictures every night from my they are coming.

Ryan is off and away in some state...i believe its Alabama, then home on thursday... this weekend we are so relaxin... it seems that we have been on the goo, go, go!

This next coming weekend is Halloween and we are sooo pumped... You will have to come back to see if we have found the missing Tinkerbell shoes... i am so upset about the tinkerbell frenzy.. Last year, the outfit was on sale, so ryan and I purchased it, not knowing that EVERY one was going to be Tinkerbell this year. SO bummed!

Thoughts of the day:
Ruthie and Steve made really yummy ribs tonight and brought them over for Scarlett and I...they are our adopted family among others, we try to watch out for them and they watch out for us... tell you the truth (they really do watch out for me, especially when ryan is gone)
The other Jill lost her voice and has long conference days, so i am taking the kids.
Ryan and Ryan are going to watch the Browns in Jax this weekend!
My desk has been primmed and it is on its way to looking like 500.00
We are going to carve pumpkins this weekend.
I am loving my new classroom at school... the picture above is from the first day of school... in the classroom that i will be teaching with Scarlett in my class.
Amy has pics all over her page of her kids..look under my post comments and you can click into her page (i think)
My garage is a mess...seriously at first i couldn't pull into it with a i can't walk in it!! AHHHH...i need an attic or basement!!

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Ingold Co. said...

We got some pumpkins last night too! i plan to carve and paint them with the kids tonight. Doug has beed gone at work or church projects every they are dying for something FUN to do. I will try to send a picture if they turn out..i haven't carved in years.