Friday, October 24, 2008

2nd round

I am on the 2nd coat of paint for my wonderful 2.99 desk. Ryan is so proud of me that he said he wouldn't mind if i paint it black and add it to his office. Ok... that would put me back big time...
desk 2.99 + my paints is like up to 50.00...if i had to paint it black..oh man.. Joy is right we could have just bought a NEW desk!

Scarlett had a good day at school, came home and was SOOO exhausted she slept, Ryan was home so i went shopping and ran some errands. She usually naps from 1-4!!

By the way, speaking of shopping. So i officially sort of have a job, so i decided that i don't have to save every penny. So i went shopping and bought Jessica Simpsons shoes (my favorite). My mother in law bought me Jessica boots last year and i LOVE them, (so does everyone else) they are always asking to borrow them! One pair is super cute red, another is black flats (which ryan say look really OLD, so i might return them) and another pair that is purple, and i really don't need them, but they WERE 78.00 and i got htem for 13.00..hello, i need them! Another pair was just black sandals that I also need! I thought i return one but i am starting to like them all! Man was my money burning a hole in my pocket. oh well, thats it for a while, no more spending!

By the way, I can't remember if i posted in another post what i actually do... well, i will try to make it short. I was going to return to teaching full time
1. i missed it
2. i love teaching

BUT... we felt that it would be better to keep Scarlett with me SOOO i didn't go back to full time teaching ...however,
The preschool that i looked at last spring has really great things going on, and so i was going to take her there for a few mornings, but then what would i do? Workout, shop, eat, have breakfast...the list is never ending. So the director asked if I would like to work there, mmm.. not really, working with little guys 18 months to 3 years..not so much. WELL, then the offer was a little better. "We will pay you to come with your daughter, teach her class and she can come for free." Ok, now you know the rest of the story. We go to school from about 8:30 - 12:30.. it seems to be working out ok for all of us~ needless to say, i have benefited with my new shoes too!!

Thoughts of the day:
seriously, if you read this entire post, you have to be as exhausted as i am
i miss my little house, the bigger the house, the more you have to clean
joy will be building and moving out of the little house, HELLO CURT??
in about 2 weeks i get a new cell phone
our anniversary is getting closer...i am sooo excited
we are going to the gym and beach this weekend
after bidding and paying a lot of money for tinkerbell shoes, ryan informs me that he stretched out the other pair of tinkerbell we have TWO
Amy said that Trace and the Katantic family are doing great!
we are carving pumpkins tomorrow, and then baking the seeds YUMMY
Scarlett loves to watch her OSU DVD and hang up the flag on saturdays


Gardner's said...

do you miss bumping your head up the ceiling up stairs in your little house???? and the 1am, 3am, 3:15, 3:30... tractors and trains???

Jill said...

oh.... i so do not miss the trains! I heard those every hour!!

CurtisJ said...

and i was gonna move there next?? knock that idea off my list...