Monday, October 06, 2008

Happy Monday

Ryan is in New Orleans, so its just Scarlett and I. Scarlett had a water day at school today and had so much fun!! We didn't do too much and she didn't like my tuna noodle thingy i made for supper... lol

i am trying to come up with a new idea for Scarlett's room. I can't decide if i should get a twin bed, double or what? If her cousins come over, i thought it would be nice if they could sleep with her, so who knows what i will do?

I am looking at some bedding at pottery barn but if they wouldn't have so many choices, it would be a whole lot easier!

thoughts for the day:
i love my hubby and baby
seriously the veins in my legs are traveling north and south
i read my sisters blog about my uncle quill and it saddens me that we can't visit with our parents or grandparents.
i ran out of salsa today and i just love my chips and salsa
Aunt Ashley is suppose to be moving into her new rental house
when you are away from your family, it makes you appreciate them even more
i think scarlett is going to be tinkerbell but the shoes i bought with the outfit are getting small...can they hold out for like 25 more days??? grrrr
Scarlett is all about her babies, dressing, changing, bathing... you name it
we are going to orlando again this weekend!

i will load pictures but that would mean plugging my camera in each day, and well, quite frankly i am a little lazy.


Ingold Co. said...

Well, since i don't have my monday was pretty mundane...laundry and such. There was an incident at school with Tori, but i really don't feel like writing it down -sometime i want to ask your opinion on how to handle it. maybe i will call you later on today. Have a good one!

Jill said...

please call... it sounds mmm... not so good! If she is selling magazines for her school let me know... i wasn't sure if you were going to get involved with that right off the bat! Also, are you going to the fire station on Thursday??

Gardner's said...

One thing I always do if I have a tight pair of shoes is wear SLIPPERY tights. That way your feet just slid in :o) and stay in :o) Can't wait to come to Florida! I really want to go back to that Bath Junkie Store!

Ingold Co. said...

Another tip for tight shoes is sprinkling them inside with baby everytime!