Saturday, June 27, 2009

days up north

So my mom couldn't say No
the kids wanted to drive the lawnmower...aka tractor
1. we were never allowed to mess up dads lawn mowing lines
2. we were never allowed to just waste gas driving the lawn mower
3. grand kids can do anything
4. don't tell my dad

Around my birthday, Nicki one of my bestest friends, took me to dinner at the wasabi in Fairlawn... we were lucky enough to sit by this man who has been married forever and out about traveling for his job....anyway, he was our entertainment...needless to say we had a wonderful evening eating and shopping...

This is the gang at the ORrville Parade that we go to each year...

This is the Maibachs with the baltics and Scarlett in the was quite interesting but the kids loved the parade and this spot has been our stomping ground now for 2 years...yipee... don't ya love it amy

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Friday, June 26, 2009

Stacey and Scarlett on the dance floor

The dance floor was hopping as they danced to "willy isn't going home" or somethign like that

Ashely and Dan at the end of the night!

Ashely and Me at the end of the night

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Ashely's step-dad, Mark and her dancing!!
Nicki and I were trying to get a perfect picture with the girls looking but they had no interest, they wanted that PURSE!!

Mommy and Scarlett ...she was done with picture taking

Scarlett with Aidan and Coen ... her cousins!!

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One of my favorite pictures!!

My dad with Emma Steiner and Scarlett at the reception

The cakes were beautiful

Aunt Carol, Jenny and I at the reception ... Aunt Carol had a super cute outfit on as well as Jenny too!!

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Ryan and Ashley

The girls and the car!!

The bride and groom!!

Bride and groom with the flower girl

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The beautiful bride and groom

Trying to get a family picture with Scarlett hiding behind us...
Daddy and Scarlett

I love this picture...she was throwing a tantrum on the ground but the picture looks sorta cute!!

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Jess and Trav... I got a quick picture of them... they are due for a baby the first part of January!!

the bride and groom walking out of the church

the bride and groom getting into their car
daddy and the flower girl

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Wedding PIctures

Uncle Alex and Uncle Cheese

they were ushers at the wedding and they looked so handsome

The boys with Dan the Man standing in front!!

The girls!!

Mother of the bride, Vicki and Mark!

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

It's coming

I have had many request to post pictures of the wedding. It really was the reason we have spent so much time in Ohio. We wanted to be around for Ashley and Dan's wedding.

I have just updated about a week or two, so if you continue to scroll down you will see new post. However, I haven't even touched the wedding week of pictures, so I will get them up this week! They are just beautiful pictures of the bride and groom!

Here is a sneak peak...with more to come!!

If you think these pictures are good, you should see the bride!
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You can click on the picture below to enlarge!!

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Rehearsal Dinner

The little Knupp Church was where the wedding happened.
It was beautiful, exquisite, exciting and memorable.

Scarlett loved to walk down the aisle and strut her stuff during rehearsal.... not sure whose glasses they were but she loved them.

Ashley and her dad, Joe.

Later in the evening, we ate at the world relief and had AWESOME FOOD> it was so good, i am not sure if anyone ate the next day. Here are Dan and Ash looking at their scrapbook that the family and friends do for them!!

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