Monday, June 15, 2009

Relaxing in Ohio

Random days in Ohio are filled with all sorts of things....

My brother and dad were working over at my dad's rental trying to make the grass even. So Adam and Scarlett went to help and I stopped by for a few pictures. Dad decided to fix the grass because it wasn't the smoothest to mow. Ryan thought he was just a few years too late.

Scarlett adores Molly. Molly was my first neice to be born and we all adore her. She was spoiled and if her siblings read this they will say "see Molly was spoiled, Molly got this and Molly got that" ... they are right. I have loads of pictures of Molly, we read to her, we played with her, we did everything for Molly because she was our first on the Ingold side. Not to say we really don't love them all the same, but we probably spent OBVIOUSLY the most time with her because she was the only one for about 2 years....

Needless to say, Scarlett loves all of her cousins but if Molly is around, she wants to be with her.... so here is Molly showing Scarlett how to use the kick board!

The Train Ride~ Yep, we were ridin the tracks at the Outlet Shops... we specifically went to the outlets to take Scarlett on the Train Ride.... Grandma Moser, Aunt Ashley, Sarah jo (friend of Ashleys) and myself... she LOVED it.

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