Friday, June 19, 2009

Ashley's Parties!!!!

This post is not R rated, although it should be.

Everyone was so nice to Ashley in getting her comfy stuff for her honeymoon and etc...

Except .... she did get a few R rated things!!!

She was so embarrassed!!

After eating we went to a country concert! (amy ...this picture is for you) she couldn't believe i was going. The picture might not fully represent it, but I really did have a good time, just sorta hard when a big ol belly is in the way!!!

I tried to cowboy it up, but it was difficult...we saw Trace somebody and Roy Adkins! I knew one song and sung my heart out!

This picture is Amanda ... our first cousin, Ashley and me!!

The next morning we went to a spa and we all got pedicures. Ashley got a massage!!

Tooo cute... Aunt Brenda enjoying every minute!!

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