Sunday, June 14, 2009

Adam's Graduation

So I like to take pictures and believe it or not, at Adam's graduation party I toke like 3 pictures. I am not sure if it was because
a. i talk to much
b. it was raining
c. i was chasing scarlett
d. i put my camera somewhere and never found it until the morning

So here are a few that I took the day we arrived in OHIO

Scarlett and her little buddy Peyton!

Scarlett trying to hang with the guys before the party started!!

When we arrived in Ohio, Scarlett had to meet up with her buddy ol pal, whom she has always called I-I.

We seriously bought a bone in Florida and hauled it all the way to Ohio to give to him. She picked the 10$ bone out herself, as much as Ryan tried to talk her out of it. But was too scared to give it to him, so she made her Aunt Ashley do the work.
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