Saturday, June 13, 2009

Ohio bound!!

On our way to Ohio for a few weeks for Ryan's sister's wedding we decided to drive for once and it was really nice. The drive went well, and it was actually sorta relaxing!!

Scarlett loved stopping at fast food! We were those parents that let your kids run around in the fast food place but we felt that we had an excuse, because the first day we drove, we drove about 10 we let her get some sillies out!!

On our way, we stopped in Charolette to see some friends! Ryan and Iten work together at Smuckers and they were both based in Orrville.. they do the same job but in different areas!!

This is little Addison and Scarlett climbing the fence to go back upstairs!!

The two dads holding their girls!!

The Iten's will be delivering baby number 2 around July 4th...when we go back through Charolette, we may stop for a quick peek but probably keep moving!!
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