Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Fathers Day!!

Happy Fathers Day to all daddy's out there including my own!!

Ryan makes such a good daddy!!
- he is always so helpful
- he usually lets me watch Mickey Mouse
- he shows me how to hit the t-ball
- he builds towers for me at the beach
- he makes me the best mac and cheese
- he swims with me in the pool
- he lets me watch sports center with him
- he reads me books and plays with me
- he lets me help him mow the lawn
- he loves me so much
- he is such a good daddy!!

Here are just a few pictures of me and my daddy in the past few weeks!!

This is Scarlett and daddy and Scarlett's new pink barbie car!! She loves it!!

This is daddy helping Scarlett with the bubbles!!

This is Daddy taking Scarlett on her field trip to Petco!! It's her favorite place and when mommy is busy, Scarlett and daddy jet off to petco for the afternoon!! This picture was from Ohio's petco and mommy got to see what really takes place!!

Happy Fathers Day to the best daddy!!

Love Scarlett

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