Tuesday, June 16, 2009

That dog

As most of you know by now, when we say where do we live Scarlett will usually know Florida. If we ask where Issac lives she will usually say I -O. is the story

She loves this dog. It cracks me up. Ryan and I are not huge animal lovers. Further more, I come from a family that quite frankly just doesn't care for dogs, cats, rats or any furry things. Not even sure if we ever had a fish. But anyways....

My daughter loves dogs, cows, cats, and any other animal. I think i am glad for this. She should enjoy being around animals, especially when they are other peoples. See, we can stop by their house, she can play and then we can leave and not have to take care of the animal.

Here is Scarlett trying to get the ball from II and its quite funny because she was getting mad at his tricks.

Then Grandpa II came along and helped her get the ball...she thought she was cool stuff.

Until II took the ball and hide it in the woods and Grandpa and Scarlett had to go and look for it in the mud.... she was mad.

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