Saturday, January 31, 2009

Daddy and Scarlett

So the funny things that go on in our house.

Mmmm... daddy putting this together is usually one of them.

This is daddy yelling at mommy "don't you dare blog this"


Scarlett watching Daddy yell at the screwdriver. I would estimate it took about an hour to put the four piece shelf together, although Ryan will probably have a different story.

AN Hour later, we really were making progress!!

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Friday, January 30, 2009

Good Bye

I know...i am posting pictures of myself.
I know... but its the last day that i was able to drive my other baby.
It was a sad day, and I am not sure how much the car guy realized it
Until i went and took it in, and cried.

he said, mam... some farmer bought it and it will be fine.
"ok...yah, that helps
should we keep it "
mam, the gas casket is going to blow and you could explode in your car
"ok...should we fix it"
mam, its not safe
"yah, but it could be"
mam, do you want a new car or not
"ok, i guess"

I had some silent mourning! I am ok with it. Goodbye dear montero!

PiCturES to ComE

It was just a mixed feeling day, as I took my car in... Curt left to go back to Ohio after staying with us for a month. BUT, i picked my hubby and Scarlett at the airport...i missed them so much.d

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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Baby Adilyn

Baby Adilyn was born to Tara and Derek Rife. She joins a sister Trista, who is one of Scarlett's friends.
They are dear friends to us and it was nice to quick stop by the hospital and see them.

(of course, i was sick and have been on antibiotics but didn't want to stay long)

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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Grandma Butler

Grandma Butler passed this summer. She was one of the first people that I met in Ryan's family. She has been missed.
I can finally wear my necklace that was given to me from Ryan's family. It was his grandma's. I think the necklace goes with a lot of things, but I just recently found a shirt that is a wonderful match.

She was this fragile, little lovely lady. She was a determined little lady. She is someone that you look up to and aspire to be like.
I remember her often, throughout the day, throughout my thoughts and throughout my life.

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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Kristen's Shower

Kristen and Joe Rossheim

The shower was wonderful, the food was yummy and the gifts were amazing.
Little Jack should arrive sometime in late April.
He was showered with so many gifts.
The party was so much fun.

Me, Cami (she is due in July), Kristen, Sally (just had Oliver) and Kelly (has a little one the same age as Scarlett)

Kristen's belly

She is adorable!!
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Martin Luther King and Obama

This week Scarlett and I enjoyed our week as many things happened. We went to the dr on Monday for her two week checkup and she got a shot in the leg. She limped the whole next day.

Martin Luther King .... great day to celebrate in history (and to have a day off of school)


didn't watch much of it except all the highlights about how wonderful Michelle looked, her kids (J.Crew is going to sell like crazy) and Obama missing a few words in his speech...we need to support and pray for our leaders.

My parents anniversary was on the 20th..Happy Anniversary

I went over to a friends house to play Bunco with some girls and UNCLE CURT babysat!!!

I had a book study this week on the book "The Shack"... good book and good book discussion

Ryan and Scarlett are in Ohio visiting family and its just me and Curt hanging out while Curt gets a tan.

Saturday: i went to kristen's baby shower today and will post pictures soon, they are naming their little boy, JACK. she is due at the end of April.

Another good friend, Tara is due on Sunday!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Valentines Day

Valentines Day is pretty much one of Jill's favorite holidays.
we are less than four weeks away
1. you can wear pink (although you can wear pink whenever you want)
2. It promotes kindness and love
3. you can wear pink and red
4. i remember decorating boxes for v-day when i was a child and LOVED IT
5. I want scarlett to just love it
6. Pink hearts, tutus and cupcakes are the coolest thing in feb.
7. It brightens up feb.
8. My hubby always gets me something really nice
9. we are having a valentines party and i can't wait, its all about the kids
10. the reasons go on, but its all about the love

scarlett making valentines cards for grandpas and grandmas

she loves her glue, she usually eats it... i try to tell her to stop but it must taste good... i haven't figured it out
the kid won't eat fruit but she'll eat glue!! mmmm

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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Just another day

Scarlett has figured out the best part of an

The middle!!
Scarlett loves feeding her babies too!
She was singing in her "boat."
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Monday, January 19, 2009


Freeze: you would think that word wouldn't exist in Florida
Freeze: you would think that someone from the North is down here....its cold, oh yah Curt is
Freeze: this is the coldest it has been in five years
Freeze: of course, we just put in new landscaping
Freeze: our bank account if we have to put NEW plants in

Yep, that is frost on our car in the morning...crazy I know
I was told by a few native floridian friends to wait on cutting back my plants, I think i was going to wait anyways, why go to all the work if they are dead....for real, this is just toooo much work!

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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Scarlett and Dance

Scarlett did start her dance classes, she went and had a great time. Daddy took her to her first one and I will probably end up taking her now on saturday mornings. It is right near the gym so it works out great!!

She will only probably go to two classes this month as she will be in OHIO for the last two Saturdays. Daddy and Scarlett are flying out on Jan. 23 and are flying back on the 31st. Ryan will be gone pretty much the last two weeks of Jan, so good thing Curt is still here!!

He loves putting Scarlett to
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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Uncle Curt

Scarlett is learning to say Uncle Curt... but right now it sounds like
She was pretending to go to sleep so that she could sleep on the couch with him. Notice, he has the remote and phone is hand. (which by the way, the phone story is coming)
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Sunday, January 11, 2009


We went to the beach over the weekend and it was a little chilly! Curt wanted a tan and well, we just wanted to go for the morning. Scarlett had so much fun as you can see below.

Uncle Curtie and Ryan dug a pit to bury Curt in.

Scarlett wanted to help, she also wanted whatever Curt had....which was HIS pretzels, which we all ate!
Ryan in this picture thinking he can still throw the ball a mile, walked back to camp and said "man, i need ice"

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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Baby Shower

Tara Rife is having a baby in January. So a few of us got together to pamper her for the new little girl. She already has Trista who is a little over 2. She received lots of fun gifts and it was a wonderful night to get together with everyone and catch up!!
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Friday, January 09, 2009


I used to love Friday's when I was teaching school. I looked forward to a relaxing Friday night because I knew on Saturdays and Sundays I would be working on my "school stuff." Now, I look forward to Friday's because I get to work on "family stuff." Ryan is away from work and we get the weekend with Scarlett. (this month we have Curtie too, which is a plus)

by the way, we went to a friends house the other night for the Florida game, it was fun catching up with some teacher friends that I met during my internship at Wadsworth. We really didn't talk to much about teaching, which seems to happen when you are surrounded by teachers and we tend to just get others in a tizzy because sometimes that is all we teachers talk about is our passion (just like mommys talking about their own children).

The Gators won. Great job Tebow. Don't go pro! (that is all for sports, seriously)

This afternoon i FINALLY took down my Christmas stuff. Yep on the 9th of January. I officially put it up on the 9th of December. I am not one of those people that the day after whatever I have to take it down. I believe it should at least be up for a month, if you are going to go to the bother of doing it. Secondly, I figure if its down my Valentines Day, we are all good. Then, we ordered pizza and then I was off to a shower for a girlfriend, Tara. She is such a sweetheart and she is due at the end of the month. It was really nice and personal, it was a close group of girlfriends.

Actually, I got home really late and its about midnight, so i am closing off. However, i hear star wars in the background as Curtie is up watching these crazy shows. Our house isn't use to anything other than sports channels and I am not kidding. Scarlett doesn't know what its like to see anything else on the screen beside some type of ball.

Needless to say life goes on:

- going to the gym on sat a.m.
- going to the beach
- going to the farmers market on the beach
- hopefully going to check out some SUVS
- maybe going to a birthday party with scarlett
- maybe going to game-night with some couples late sat night (we sure do love this live in babysitter)
- diet coke minus 9 days
- mountain dew plus 1 day
- scarlett went to dance on Thursday, and ryan didn't say it was "super cute" but i asked if it was "super cute" and he said "yah, something like that" .... i guess a few of my girlfriends were giving him props for bringing her
- gave scarlett some laxatives, (tried some myself to see if it tasted as bad as she makes it out to be) tasted bad, and works
- can't wait for Saturday

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Thanks Steve

I know these pics are a little late. My neighbors Steve and Ruthie went to Scarlett's Christmas Show at School. (they gave me the picture cd a while ago and I just now am posting them)
While Ryan was attempting to video, they took some great pictures!!

Scarlett smiling at the camera

Scarlett waving to the camera, and waiting in line to sit with Santa

ummm.... Scarlett really wasn't into the man with the long white beard, S-A-N-T-A
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Curt and Brad

So Curt and Brad had a great time at the beach. (at least I hope) they went everyday they were here! probably from 9:30 until 5...

they always said they would be home shortly when i called them, that is after they got all the girls away from them...

check out the picture, then you can figure out how they got all the woman off of them

thoughts of the day:
- curtie and brad look great
- oh, to be young again
- if only i could bottle up Scarlett's laughter
- daddy has been golfing 2 times in the past week, yah for him
- had some yummy sushi today
- LOVE our new target
- so excited to try and make baked ziti on thursday (thanks beckah)
- talked to Ruth (next door) she is doing pretty good considering she hasn't had a treatment lately
- other neighbors watched scarlett (Tom and Arlene) while Ryan finished golfing and I tutored.
(i didn't have the heart to tell Ryan to only golf 5 holes)
- don't tell anyone, but i still have ALL of my christmas stuff up, I am thinking everything will be under control by Valetines day
- we are learning about China and Japan at school... scarlett has NO idea... just lots of water to go over...heheh
- we had a tea party at school today for all the little much fun

Since I am off of diet coke, i have picked up a new habit... propel water... went to get one at CVS and couldn't figure out why i was so sick from drinking it... looked at the expiration date ... 6/08...who would have thought water expired

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Curt and his bubble

Scarlett is learning two words: Curt Bubble

Curt has informed Scarlett that when he sits to watch T.V. that he has a bubble and she can't enter it. As you can imagine this is something that you don't say to Scarlett: can't. She tries to pop, tear, enter and jolt Curties bubble. Of course, when he has all of the newest electronics out, she just can't wait to touch them. I will let you know how little the bubble gets by the end of the month!

(sidenote: i tried to tell Curt that her first word that she spoke clearly was bubble, and that was because she loves blowing bubbles, so i told him to say this is Curties space) lol

In other news:

- The buckeyes had a hard lost. How many true buckeyes do we have? Did you stay up until midnight?
- Diet coke.... day 6!
- Scarlett will be in Ohio for the last week of January.
- Two baby showers coming up.
- Another National City Bank is opening, I am confused, I thought they were bought out.
- We might just have a summer wedding too
- Ordering tickets in the next day for Amanda and Gregs wedding! I think we found some for barely under 200 each...yipee
- pumped about our new class at church that Ryan and I are taking
- scarlett has flown pretty much every month after she was 8 months old
- spent 73.00 on groceries saved 65.00 GOAL: spend 73.00 save 73.00
- baltic kids opened savings account...they are getting money from me now, NO MORE JUNK
- daddy has a densist appointment on Wednesday (ok, hold your breath, we haven't cancelled yet
- Scarlett starts dance class on Thursday check out
- Curt is so much fun, he is on a diet and seriously eats less than Scarlett
- Scarlett doesn't eat much
- I think Scarlett is coming down with something
- Ryan is golfing tomorrow afternoon
- Ryder;s birthday is on Thursday the 8th. Happy 1st birthday!!!!!
- My sister amy's birthday was last sunday, i think she is like 31!!!
- Ryan's dad is next Wednesday and i just finished his gift!
- Others in jan... Andrea B, Aunt Bev, Uncle Henry, Sydney F, Rachel D, Olivia... one of the greatest ... met her when i first moved to Florida and then she moved less than 5 months later, AUnt Marie and probably others (sorry)

Does that sum up January!!

Monday, January 05, 2009


I mean it!! I am not drinking diet coke and I haven't for the past 5 days. I know you can't believe it, you are probably wondering, did i not leave the house, did i run out of 1.39's to pay for one at the gas station, did the stores run out.

NOPE! I have been going strong for 5 days.

As for diet, yes, the running, working out thing, yes, the gotta go to the gym thing, yes. Yes, now that I have to do, but i try not to call that dieting...i try to call that getting skinny! I have always LOVED running and working out but lately i just don't want to go. (lately = 6 months now)
(anyways, on to a new topic... i just didn't want you to get the wrong impression of NO MORE DIET)

Thoughts of the day:
Brad left today! We are so sad, he is really is quite funny.
Curt went to his first day of internship in the sunny state.
It is 80 and sunny, I should be laying out!
Daddy took Brad to Jax airport and then stayed there to work.
I really need to fix the leak in my sink... THAT IS MY GOAL FOR TODAY!
Big game tonight...the underdogs...aka ohio state... can they win!!
Life is really good to us.
My hubby is amazing and my daughter is saying/doing the funniest things.

Sunday, January 04, 2009


If you click on the link above GO BUCKS:

we were there last year, but we aren't going any where near a bowl game this year!

Honestly, I use to twirl baton but check this out...what a twirler!!

Game time: 8:00

Friday, January 02, 2009

Lazy Day

It seems that we have had a few lazy days lately. With the holidays we have just been lounging around.

Scoop on getting the marker out of our furniture. (see below post for pictures) Ryan used q-tips and nail polish remover and it ALL CAME OUT> it was amazing, although when Scarlett woke up from her nap she was upset that she couldn't show it off.

Scarlett and I have been doing good. We have been going to the gym, I would say its about a good week now that we have been back on track. I feel better for two reasons, it was about time I start running again, AND it makes me feel like the 75$ we pay monthly is getting used correctly. If Ryan doesn't start going in January...i am so having them drop him...he wouldn't even know it...he doesn't go!!

I went to the dentist the other day ...FINALLY... after about a year and a half..i had some major cleaning done. It felt good! I have a little filling and that was it, at least for now.

Now for our visitors that are in town:
Brad and Curt are at the beach in daytona...they thought they could find some hot chicks there!
Brad is really cool and is graduating in May with an engineering degree in air something
Curt is graduating in May with his pharmaceutical degree...oh, curt is cool too
Brad doesn't like onions, but loves coffee
Curt drinks lots of water and is dieting
Curt likes to upload pictures of himself to his face book..quite funny
Curt says had can't believe how ornery Scarlett is... mmm, imagine that

The other day, we found out that Adam who visited for about a day:
Loves gym
like science and s.s.
doesn't like to get dunked in the ocean
loved the beach and playing football

Wish us luck, we are going out to dinner tonight, and Curt and Brad are babysitting. We are very used to paying big bucks for tonight will feel weird!

Thursday, January 01, 2009


Click the link above:

I watched the movie Momma Mia this weekend with my hubby. While I am not sure it was one of his favorites, I really enjoyed it.

Most of all, I enjoyed the song: Slipping through my fingers.

As I know how my mother must feel, now I have my own little girl. If you have a little girl, this may bring tears to your eyes!

Diet Coke

click on the link above, if you click the diet coke heading and it will send you to see the youtube click...its only 30 seconds.

So Diet Coke is my new year resolution. I have stopped drinking it now for almost 24 hours. My last sip was at midnight. I didn't cry, i wasn't over emotional, I wasn't dying for some today. Although I could have used some.

It turned into an obsession, an obsession that I need to spend on other things that are more important to me. I would sit and just drink a diet coke quietly, i would drink it going out, i would drink it in the car. I even stopped buying it and then every morning I would stop at the local gas station and buy some. If Scarlett was sleeping, I would go through the Wendy's drive-thru. They usually knew me by name. I would ask for the biggest diet coke ever! They usually hooked me up! Every time I went into a store, I had to buy one.

I can use my time more wisely.
I can drink water.
I can play with Scarlett
I can read my bible
I can take a nap
I can empty the diswasher
I will do something so that I am done with diet coke.

By the way, if you saw the clip on diet coke, I have been rollerblading lately. I am up to 5 miles. Although I can skate, I am not drinking coke too!!

I will update in a month and let you all know how its going and if i break!!

Happy New Years!!

Adam with Uncle Ryan and Aunt Jill. We were eating at Snack Jacks along the ocean.

The next night, Scarlett thought she could sleep outside on the pool deck.

Happy New Years!

Scarlett and mommy at 12:00...MIDNIGHT.... HAPPY NEW YEARS!!
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Happy New Years!!

Throughout the night, a few stopped by.

Good friends, Martin and Jessica Evans came and stayed until midnight.
They have been wonderful this year and we had so much fun.

Brad celebrating the new year.

Martin with the kids, Jesalyn and Mason!

Daddy with Scarlett making noise outside at midnight!!
We even set our car alarms off!!

Happy NEW Year!!
My new year's resolution is yet to come.
I will be posting about my diet coke!!!
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