Friday, January 09, 2009


I used to love Friday's when I was teaching school. I looked forward to a relaxing Friday night because I knew on Saturdays and Sundays I would be working on my "school stuff." Now, I look forward to Friday's because I get to work on "family stuff." Ryan is away from work and we get the weekend with Scarlett. (this month we have Curtie too, which is a plus)

by the way, we went to a friends house the other night for the Florida game, it was fun catching up with some teacher friends that I met during my internship at Wadsworth. We really didn't talk to much about teaching, which seems to happen when you are surrounded by teachers and we tend to just get others in a tizzy because sometimes that is all we teachers talk about is our passion (just like mommys talking about their own children).

The Gators won. Great job Tebow. Don't go pro! (that is all for sports, seriously)

This afternoon i FINALLY took down my Christmas stuff. Yep on the 9th of January. I officially put it up on the 9th of December. I am not one of those people that the day after whatever I have to take it down. I believe it should at least be up for a month, if you are going to go to the bother of doing it. Secondly, I figure if its down my Valentines Day, we are all good. Then, we ordered pizza and then I was off to a shower for a girlfriend, Tara. She is such a sweetheart and she is due at the end of the month. It was really nice and personal, it was a close group of girlfriends.

Actually, I got home really late and its about midnight, so i am closing off. However, i hear star wars in the background as Curtie is up watching these crazy shows. Our house isn't use to anything other than sports channels and I am not kidding. Scarlett doesn't know what its like to see anything else on the screen beside some type of ball.

Needless to say life goes on:

- going to the gym on sat a.m.
- going to the beach
- going to the farmers market on the beach
- hopefully going to check out some SUVS
- maybe going to a birthday party with scarlett
- maybe going to game-night with some couples late sat night (we sure do love this live in babysitter)
- diet coke minus 9 days
- mountain dew plus 1 day
- scarlett went to dance on Thursday, and ryan didn't say it was "super cute" but i asked if it was "super cute" and he said "yah, something like that" .... i guess a few of my girlfriends were giving him props for bringing her
- gave scarlett some laxatives, (tried some myself to see if it tasted as bad as she makes it out to be) tasted bad, and works
- can't wait for Saturday

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Gardner's said...

i have been to your site a thousand times..and this is the first time I heard music... I love this high speed internet