Friday, January 02, 2009

Lazy Day

It seems that we have had a few lazy days lately. With the holidays we have just been lounging around.

Scoop on getting the marker out of our furniture. (see below post for pictures) Ryan used q-tips and nail polish remover and it ALL CAME OUT> it was amazing, although when Scarlett woke up from her nap she was upset that she couldn't show it off.

Scarlett and I have been doing good. We have been going to the gym, I would say its about a good week now that we have been back on track. I feel better for two reasons, it was about time I start running again, AND it makes me feel like the 75$ we pay monthly is getting used correctly. If Ryan doesn't start going in January...i am so having them drop him...he wouldn't even know it...he doesn't go!!

I went to the dentist the other day ...FINALLY... after about a year and a half..i had some major cleaning done. It felt good! I have a little filling and that was it, at least for now.

Now for our visitors that are in town:
Brad and Curt are at the beach in daytona...they thought they could find some hot chicks there!
Brad is really cool and is graduating in May with an engineering degree in air something
Curt is graduating in May with his pharmaceutical degree...oh, curt is cool too
Brad doesn't like onions, but loves coffee
Curt drinks lots of water and is dieting
Curt likes to upload pictures of himself to his face book..quite funny
Curt says had can't believe how ornery Scarlett is... mmm, imagine that

The other day, we found out that Adam who visited for about a day:
Loves gym
like science and s.s.
doesn't like to get dunked in the ocean
loved the beach and playing football

Wish us luck, we are going out to dinner tonight, and Curt and Brad are babysitting. We are very used to paying big bucks for tonight will feel weird!


mammabaltic said...

Cool update. So maybe you could get Curt to take a picture of you and even open a facebook account for you!!!!!!!!!!

Gardner's said...

lol... this post cracks me up