Monday, January 05, 2009


I mean it!! I am not drinking diet coke and I haven't for the past 5 days. I know you can't believe it, you are probably wondering, did i not leave the house, did i run out of 1.39's to pay for one at the gas station, did the stores run out.

NOPE! I have been going strong for 5 days.

As for diet, yes, the running, working out thing, yes, the gotta go to the gym thing, yes. Yes, now that I have to do, but i try not to call that dieting...i try to call that getting skinny! I have always LOVED running and working out but lately i just don't want to go. (lately = 6 months now)
(anyways, on to a new topic... i just didn't want you to get the wrong impression of NO MORE DIET)

Thoughts of the day:
Brad left today! We are so sad, he is really is quite funny.
Curt went to his first day of internship in the sunny state.
It is 80 and sunny, I should be laying out!
Daddy took Brad to Jax airport and then stayed there to work.
I really need to fix the leak in my sink... THAT IS MY GOAL FOR TODAY!
Big game tonight...the underdogs...aka ohio state... can they win!!
Life is really good to us.
My hubby is amazing and my daughter is saying/doing the funniest things.

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Gardner's said...

Diet!... I am already planning my amazing come back diet...after the baby!... I am proud of how much weight I have gained so far.. I just have to watch these last seven weeks!!!

I am sure scarlett will be saying "curt is a stud"..before he comes home