Thursday, January 22, 2009

Valentines Day

Valentines Day is pretty much one of Jill's favorite holidays.
we are less than four weeks away
1. you can wear pink (although you can wear pink whenever you want)
2. It promotes kindness and love
3. you can wear pink and red
4. i remember decorating boxes for v-day when i was a child and LOVED IT
5. I want scarlett to just love it
6. Pink hearts, tutus and cupcakes are the coolest thing in feb.
7. It brightens up feb.
8. My hubby always gets me something really nice
9. we are having a valentines party and i can't wait, its all about the kids
10. the reasons go on, but its all about the love

scarlett making valentines cards for grandpas and grandmas

she loves her glue, she usually eats it... i try to tell her to stop but it must taste good... i haven't figured it out
the kid won't eat fruit but she'll eat glue!! mmmm

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