Friday, January 30, 2009

Good Bye

I know...i am posting pictures of myself.
I know... but its the last day that i was able to drive my other baby.
It was a sad day, and I am not sure how much the car guy realized it
Until i went and took it in, and cried.

he said, mam... some farmer bought it and it will be fine.
"ok...yah, that helps
should we keep it "
mam, the gas casket is going to blow and you could explode in your car
"ok...should we fix it"
mam, its not safe
"yah, but it could be"
mam, do you want a new car or not
"ok, i guess"

I had some silent mourning! I am ok with it. Goodbye dear montero!

PiCturES to ComE

It was just a mixed feeling day, as I took my car in... Curt left to go back to Ohio after staying with us for a month. BUT, i picked my hubby and Scarlett at the airport...i missed them so much.d

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