Saturday, January 24, 2009

Martin Luther King and Obama

This week Scarlett and I enjoyed our week as many things happened. We went to the dr on Monday for her two week checkup and she got a shot in the leg. She limped the whole next day.

Martin Luther King .... great day to celebrate in history (and to have a day off of school)


didn't watch much of it except all the highlights about how wonderful Michelle looked, her kids (J.Crew is going to sell like crazy) and Obama missing a few words in his speech...we need to support and pray for our leaders.

My parents anniversary was on the 20th..Happy Anniversary

I went over to a friends house to play Bunco with some girls and UNCLE CURT babysat!!!

I had a book study this week on the book "The Shack"... good book and good book discussion

Ryan and Scarlett are in Ohio visiting family and its just me and Curt hanging out while Curt gets a tan.

Saturday: i went to kristen's baby shower today and will post pictures soon, they are naming their little boy, JACK. she is due at the end of April.

Another good friend, Tara is due on Sunday!

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