Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Curt and Brad

So Curt and Brad had a great time at the beach. (at least I hope) they went everyday they were here! probably from 9:30 until 5...

they always said they would be home shortly when i called them, that is after they got all the girls away from them...

check out the picture, then you can figure out how they got all the woman off of them

thoughts of the day:
- curtie and brad look great
- oh, to be young again
- if only i could bottle up Scarlett's laughter
- daddy has been golfing 2 times in the past week, yah for him
- had some yummy sushi today
- LOVE our new target
- so excited to try and make baked ziti on thursday (thanks beckah)
- talked to Ruth (next door) she is doing pretty good considering she hasn't had a treatment lately
- other neighbors watched scarlett (Tom and Arlene) while Ryan finished golfing and I tutored.
(i didn't have the heart to tell Ryan to only golf 5 holes)
- don't tell anyone, but i still have ALL of my christmas stuff up, I am thinking everything will be under control by Valetines day
- we are learning about China and Japan at school... scarlett has NO idea... just lots of water to go over...heheh
- we had a tea party at school today for all the little much fun

Since I am off of diet coke, i have picked up a new habit... propel water... went to get one at CVS and couldn't figure out why i was so sick from drinking it... looked at the expiration date ... 6/08...who would have thought water expired

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