Saturday, January 17, 2009

Scarlett and Dance

Scarlett did start her dance classes, she went and had a great time. Daddy took her to her first one and I will probably end up taking her now on saturday mornings. It is right near the gym so it works out great!!

She will only probably go to two classes this month as she will be in OHIO for the last two Saturdays. Daddy and Scarlett are flying out on Jan. 23 and are flying back on the 31st. Ryan will be gone pretty much the last two weeks of Jan, so good thing Curt is still here!!

He loves putting Scarlett to
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Gardner's said...

I wonder why curt loves putting Scarlett to bed... lol... he is never going to have i think that this is good for Curt.. it's just like him being at home and throwing dad off schedule. Scarlett is good for curt!