Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Curt and his bubble

Scarlett is learning two words: Curt Bubble

Curt has informed Scarlett that when he sits to watch T.V. that he has a bubble and she can't enter it. As you can imagine this is something that you don't say to Scarlett: can't. She tries to pop, tear, enter and jolt Curties bubble. Of course, when he has all of the newest electronics out, she just can't wait to touch them. I will let you know how little the bubble gets by the end of the month!

(sidenote: i tried to tell Curt that her first word that she spoke clearly was bubble, and that was because she loves blowing bubbles, so i told him to say this is Curties space) lol

In other news:

- The buckeyes had a hard lost. How many true buckeyes do we have? Did you stay up until midnight?
- Diet coke.... day 6!
- Scarlett will be in Ohio for the last week of January.
- Two baby showers coming up.
- Another National City Bank is opening, I am confused, I thought they were bought out.
- We might just have a summer wedding too
- Ordering tickets in the next day for Amanda and Gregs wedding! I think we found some for barely under 200 each...yipee
- pumped about our new class at church that Ryan and I are taking
- scarlett has flown pretty much every month after she was 8 months old
- spent 73.00 on groceries saved 65.00 GOAL: spend 73.00 save 73.00
- baltic kids opened savings account...they are getting money from me now, NO MORE JUNK
- daddy has a densist appointment on Wednesday (ok, hold your breath, we haven't cancelled yet
- Scarlett starts dance class on Thursday check out
- Curt is so much fun, he is on a diet and seriously eats less than Scarlett
- Scarlett doesn't eat much
- I think Scarlett is coming down with something
- Ryan is golfing tomorrow afternoon
- Ryder;s birthday is on Thursday the 8th. Happy 1st birthday!!!!!
- My sister amy's birthday was last sunday, i think she is like 31!!!
- Ryan's dad is next Wednesday and i just finished his gift!
- Others in jan... Andrea B, Aunt Bev, Uncle Henry, Sydney F, Rachel D, Olivia... one of the greatest ... met her when i first moved to Florida and then she moved less than 5 months later, AUnt Marie and probably others (sorry)

Does that sum up January!!

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Gardner's said...

can't wait to see Scarlett...
Didn't know she was coming to OHIO! :o)
** Amy is 33 at least..
my husband and doug are 31.. turning 32 this year.. so that makes amy at least 33!!! lol
** My husband did go watch the game... so of course I waited up for him :o).. so does that make me a true buckeye