Friday, October 03, 2008


I think we might have my sister in law into the blogging world!! and JOy, you are right, dad will be the next in line!! lol... he texted me from moms phone and it was so weird...i texted a paragragh back and then got no response, later when i asked mom about it, she had no idea what i was talking about and figured out that dad had used her phone! does he text each letter or does he know how to use the "word key"

Today, i was a little sad because I did not end up flying home to visit with my family and to see my Uncle Quill's funeral. However, he has been in my thoughts as well as our family that they will begin to remember the many memories that we had with him. I seriously don't think i will ever forget stacking bricks at the schoolhouse in the long hours of the summer on the hottest days of the year. Later, receiving a quarter seemed like it was worth it, but now wondering what i did with those quarters...mmm

i remember visiting Arizona where my uncle once lived and enjoying the hot days there as well, i remember the piano pizza place too...although i have a faint memory of it.

Ryans cousin Lindy had her baby and named her ellie...i loved the name and wanted to use Stella (ella, ellie) if we would have another girl and possibly could do that in the future... the other jill mentioned that i should use the name aquilla if i have a boy because she had never heard of such a name.. and i thought what a good idea, although oooopsss.. i haven't ran that by ryan
although out of aquilla could be the name Will and that was really what we wanted to name our boy... ok, seriously i am so not pregnant but thought i would go on a tangent

thoughts to close out on:
the other jill in florida backed into a coworkers car today and she was devastated ...
Nicki called and was bummed she couldn't pick me up in pittsburgh
scarlett is in bed right now coughing...oh no, here we go!!
we are going to the beach on saturday
i really miss my family and would love to see them this weekend
ryan is in new orleans until next thursday
ohio state plays wisconsin at 8:00
we might be flying home now for new years eve?? tickets are cheap
scarlett may get her first hair cut next week
hoping to link friends that are in blogworld onto my page..
i am going to stop our family website soon since i can barely check my email and keep up with this posting
had two pieces of pizza today and enjoyed every last lick of it
did puzzles with scarlett for about an hour and they are still all over the floor
stayed up late last night after the much talked about debate and now need to go to bed early


Ingold Co. said...

well, my better half is adamant that i don't need to 'waste my time' on starting a we will see who wins that one! i honestly haven't had an ounce of time this past week, so maybe next week i can consider it. we missed you coming home this past weekend -but at least OSU scored a victory against the badgers. Quite a game!Have a good week. Hugs and kisses to Letto!!!!!

Jill said...

oh my, i am sure that you would not be wasting your time because you are updating me on what is going on in your family and its so nice to check in when its convenient. I am so glad that the bucks won, i actually was getting a little nervous but they pulled out a win!!

Ingold Co. said...

So DOug clarified that the 'waste of time' wouldn't be making our own blog -but taking the time to read everyone else's blogs and posting comments!!!!

Gardner's said...

Well.. I was driving dad home from the airport and I look over to see him TEXTING on his cell phone. I about drove off the road. When we pulled over to take Eli Potty I noticed that we was typing letter for letter. So I taught him how to use "Word". He was all excited!

I tried telling doug.. that Joanna would spend no more time Blogging then he spends playing Euchre. But I don't know... may be doesn't play euchre online anymore :o)

Jill said...

i am so proud of dad! how cool!!
yes, she joanna, but now you know what we are doing but i don't know what your family is doing... although i do know that Tori is going to the fire station this week because it is on the sterling elem website... good thing they update it, it keeps me updated on what my kids are doing!!

Ingold Co. said...

So, i have been thinking of creative names for my not-sure-if-it-will-ever-happen blog.... what do you think of:
Everything Ingold
Interested (In)gold?
Rollin' Ingold
or other ideas????