Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Doctor Doctor

Tuesday we had a busy day!! We went to two doctors and dance class.ahhhh...exhausting

This is us in the Doctors office ready for little ms. willow's appointment!!

This is Ms. Michelle our nurse who we just love and adore...Scarlett is helping weight little Willow who now weights just 8 pounds... she was 7.9

This is Dr. Sahai who we just love and adore too and Scarlett helping him too!!


When we got home, we tried out the swing for little Willow. She loved it except Scarlett thought that she really needs some little balls to play with while she is swinging!!


other notes:

- our doctor is in ormond which is about 30 minutes away, i really need to get one in this town now with two kids. But Sahai is just awesome, i am so torn!!
- Scarlett is doing well adjusting, daddy took her out last night to go to Target and Lowes and she was on cloud nine, it gave mommy some peace and resting time
- our friends and neighbors are just wonderful with meals, cards and gifts for us.. we are so blessed
- we are missing our family up north, but nana and papaw are coming this weekend, Scarlett marks her calendar everyday...she can't wait!!
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