Saturday, April 04, 2009

Quiet Weekend

Well, Scarlett is liking the whole Potty thing, she loves Elmo and watching his potty movie SOOO, we are adventuring with the potty training. So we are just hanging out at home and peeing on everything... its really quite great! We will see how it goes, we may be in diapers, pull-ups or panties by the end of all this mess!!

So, Daddy went golfing all day, while the girls hang for the weekend!!

Other thoughts:

We have friends coming into town this next week... Aliza and Emma. They will have a busy week as they fly back to Ohio with us for Easter!!

My grandma Ingold isn't doing so good, I hope that we get to see her in Ohio!

My sister Amy is serving lunch at church, i forget how many people in like an hour... 700... Amy??

Obama raised taxes on people making less than 250$... good thing i don't smoke!!

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