Thursday, November 20, 2008


Vacation is over! It is Thursday evening. My hubby and Scarlett left last friday to go to Ohio. My family left on Sunday to go to Ohio. I leave on Friday to go to Ohio. This week I had the house, no kids, no hubby for a few days. Of course, I got sick for two days. Of course, I didn't get my carpets cleaned like i wanted. Of course, I didn't get my christmas stuff up. Of course, I got nothing done.... although I did clean my house, do laundry, clean the back rooms and the list goes on. So its not like i didn't do ANYTHING.

I enjoyed having my family in town and if you look under Joy's blog it will show you day by day what we did... or what they did. I think they had a good time laying out by the pool, enjoying the beach, going to Orlando and etc. However, it was cold when they were here... although they thought it was fine and I was crazy.... After they got back home, a call was made to me and guess what.... THEY SAID that they were cold in Ohio and that their bodies had changed to Florida weather.... and they thought I was crazy!!

Thoughts of the day:

- I miss my letto and my wonderful husband
- i can't wait to see all of my family and friends
- Scarlett is such a big girl...we are celebrating her 2nd birthday about 2 weeks early!
- I have officially decided that this month, exercise is overrated... didn't make it to the gym ONCE!! AHHHH ... as a matter of fact, i think its been like 3 months!
- I better get back to it, starting Dec. 1, or my hubby will stop my membership.
- I am going to read The Red Tent this month for my book club!
- Finished The Glass Castle and had a wonderful conversation about it today with a friend.
- I am very nervous about my flight....not sure why i get myself all fixed up in a tizzie
- I have been thinking about my Aunt Beth and her surgery... can't wait to see her!
- My husband and I are very nervous as we just purchased our first land investment! Ok, he is!!!
- Go figure, the market is completely down, the lowest it has been in the past 15 years, but don't worry, Gymboree and Petsmart are making over the top gains... Seriously, who said we didn't have our priorities.
- I will miss my florida friends and family as i go home for awhile!
- it is 65 and cold in florida
- the other night i played bunco with about 12 friends, its such a florida game... they have to learn how to play some serious euchre.
- the bucks are playing that other team from the north... we will be at Joe Willy's... stop out and see us, we will probably be there all afternoon!

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