Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Garage Sale and Chickens

My sisters host a HUGE garage, well its actually at Amy's house and Joy does all the dirty work.  However, they have more then 17 families involved in it.  It takes place each year in April.  Wanna know why I went  Reason 1: because i had at least 20$ in things to sell...ha, Ryan loved this as it totally covered the gas,  Reason 2: because its only about a 3 hour drive and I can,  Reason 3: I haven't been to one for years and just wanted to be able to say since I live in Ohio I can go 
However, while we hang out and sell all the junk in the garage and watch all the crazy's go crazy, the kids play in the barn.
Willow just loved the barn and the eggs.
I told her to stand by the eggs and she decided to pose.  She was helping Adam collect eggs and kept throwing them into the crate breaking them.
The funniest part of the few days that we were there was probably watching them in the chicken field.
First of all, I am with ya Willow, I wouldn't touch them either.
My girls were trying so hard to love those chickens, I think possibly because their cousins love them, so they in turn feel obligated to like them.
I seriously thought I would go into labor from laughing so hard at Scarlett trying to catch a chicken.
Who is she kidding, she is totally not going to pick up the chicken.
It was a fun few days, we drove back and forth rather quickly.  Although it was cold, it was fun and nice to say that we were able to stop in this year for the craziness of garage sales.
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