Tuesday, May 15, 2012


My goal was to get a good picture of the girls and I for Mother's Day.  Oops, I just got pictures of them.  Daddy and the girls made me a "flower" chocolate chip pancake.
Willow telling me I only get one pancake.
On Saturday when I was out looking at garage sales, I found this steal deal.  A train table for 30$.  So Daddy brought it in before church so that they could play with it.  Pretty cool Mother's Day gift if I say so myself.
Then, I realized after a day of chilling with the girls, going to church, taking a three hour much needed nap, eating at TGI Fridays which was suppose to be a lovely quick meal that turned into a 2 hour episode, we finally were able to get a picture of all of us in our jammies again.  The girls sang "Happy Mother's Day to Mommy." 
Willow's favorite thing to do is lick the cake like a dog, just never a dull moment with her.  We went to Liberty Heights today, and we pray that maybe we found our church home here in Ohio.  We felt at home and their beliefs align with ours as well.  Of course the sermon touched on Mother's Day and it was such a great reminder that Mother's Day is a day about love.  That daddy's' and mommy's should love one another which results to happy children. 
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