Monday, May 14, 2012

So close

Angie (my 1st cousin) is married to Brian (his family is from Cincinnati), so they stopped in on Saturday night for some fun.  My girls were loving that "cousins" were at their house.  Coming from Florida this didn't happen very often so they are loving that family stops in.  Brian's parents came too and we grilled out!
Sugar is always an important part of any party...cupcakes and ice cream!
Little Savannah loved this little car, and take note of the baton in her hand. (yes, this baton was the baton I used when I was like in 2nd grade and I still have it and the trophy that goes with it.  THANKS MOM)
The Smith families gave us this special little surprise.  A rose planter with some gift cards, it was such a cute idea.  On Friday night, John and Judy (who is my 2nd cousin) stopped in for pizza.  They live about 5 minutes away from us and I have a feeling we will be using their youngest daughter, Kailyn for a little babysitting.  It was such a wonderful weekend to catch up with family that live so close. 
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