Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Indy 500

For a quick weekend trip, Ryan and I drove to Indy for the weekend.  It was kind of planned out of the fact that Candy and Darren were going to the Indy 500 for a little weekend getaway.  It was only about a 2 hour drive so we thought why not try it.  After having life group with them for the past few years, kids growing up together and enjoying our Parkview family, it was great to meet them. 
We went out to dinner a few nights and had so much fun.  We had to get a picture outside this random "beaver" saloon.
To say that it was HOT is an understatement.  It was like 100degrees, and I am being for real.
The heat wasn't going to chase this race fan away.  She loves her some racin.
We got a few pictures down by the track.  This was the first race I have been to.
To watch these cars go around this track is amazing.  I could not believe how fast they were going, it was so cool. 
Doug, who works with Ryan in Cincinnati drove over to the races too.  He brought his son, Coren and he said he did great!!!
We had a wonderful weekend.  We are so thankful for Nana and Pappaw who babysat the kids while we had a quick weekend get away.  We are so thankful to continue to see our friends in Florida too.  It was nice to get away before the next baby comes.  Last but not least, shhhhh.....we slept in one of the days too!!!
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