Thursday, January 17, 2013

Phone overload

Before Christmas we went with the Hampton's to their church for a multiple nativity scene show.

This was one of the hundreds of little nativities that were on display.  It was soo very cool to see all the nativities from different countries too.

These girls have just become great friends.  However, they will be moving to the Nashville area soon and we are going to miss them.

Speaking of moving.  This was Jen and Corin on their moving day too!  It seems that we meet people and then they move, what is going on with that?

Pappaw with the Willow bean.

Scarlett has been getting some ultrasounds so that we can get some answers to her UTI issues. 

Love our little girly girl heading to basketball!!!

Willow got this backpack in the mail from the Ronk family and it made her day!  She colored and colored and then colored some more!

I started to document how many times we went to the dr for Scarlett's UTI problems...poor girl!

After Scarlett's birthday, she was all about the clown, and began to dress up as one to play!

On Scarlett's birthday we went out to Max and Erma's, I don't get in a lot of pictures so I was glad that the hubby snapped this!

Scarlett loving her card from Grandma Bonnie/papa....  Hope you enjoyed this random post!  It's hard because lately I have been taking pictures with my phone which is making it even harder to blog. 

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