Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Diet Coke

I have now went from drinking 4 cans of diet coke to 8 small cans of diet coke. So coming next week, i am going to drop to 4 small cans of diet coke which equals 2 big cans of coke. But, don't worry, the advantage is I can spread out the love throughout the day instead of guzzling it down within 5 seconds. Actually as I am writing this post I am thinking it may as well be my New Year's Resolution.

I think I get it honestly....
My dad = Pepsi
my mom = water
my older sister Amy = Pepsi
my brother Doug... i am not sure what he is drinking... coffee or probably water
Jill = see that is the problem you see the pattern
my sister Joy, well, she is pregnant, so she is drinking water
my brother Curt, well, I won't say what he is drinking but its probably water too (actually he has a water tower in his back seat) when my hubby saw Curt's back seat he wasn't sure what was going on.... he must recycle everyone's water bottle

So, you might ask, why am I not drinking water, well, I am having a hard time coming to the thoughts of it but I think right now I will work on the 4 small cans of diet coke first.

Thoughts of the day:
I seriously could have been sun bathing was hot!
Rachel (our wonderful babysitter) came over and watched Scarlett while I tutored some kids.
Christmas is only 8 days away.
Jenna's birthday is on Thursday... so we are having a little party for her... SURPRISE.
I have my christmas cards ready but I forgot to print my labels before Ryan left this week, and I can't figure out for the life of me how to hook my laptop up to his printer..grr... maybe everyone will get them by valentines day!! I know I am lazy!!


Ohio_Momto3boys said...

I hear you on the Diet Coke. I've switched to Diet Cheerwine for the moment. We brought home 40 cases from Myrtle Beach last August and I'm "allowing" myself one can per day to make it last. Then, OF COURSE, I need a Diet Coke to make it through nap time if the boys are restless... and then OF COURSE, I need some tea with dinner... and so it goes.

I taught for 10+ years without becoming a caffeine addict. Then, I taught summer school one year and discovered Diet Dr. Pepper. UGH. I was HOOKED!!! Ah well, at least I never got the coffee bug...

Enjoy your day; Scarlett is s cutey

mammabaltic said...

I don't see what the big deal is?? I loved all the updates!! When should I go walk across the stage for you??

Angie and Brian said...

It is in your blood, my mom's choice beverage is diet coke as well and my coffee cup only leaves my hand to type :) Good luck!

racinsailor said...

Dear Jill,
The next time you need to print something and can not do so bring it over to me and you or I can do it on my computer.