Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Life in the middle of Dec.

I think I buy our dentist his Christmas Vacation every year, no matter where I am. I am not sure if its...
- the diet coke i drink non stop
- the fact that i brush my teeth all the time
- its christmas and the last thing i want is tooth pain
- ryan is gone all week and i really can't spend all week in the dentist
- scarlett's christmas concert is this week at school and if I miss it i will be bummed
- scarlett and i really need to go shopping for daddy and the dog
- oops i forgot ... don't have a dog yet!!

Seriously... its teeth... it rates right up with labor pains.

This weekend, we have a neighborhood dinner at Ruth and Steves... Scarlett loves ruthie and steve, she waves to them every morning before school ( i tell her that they are sleeping) so she waves and then says shhhhh... (if she only knew)... we are having a nice little party with everyone that has supported us so much in the past year or so that we have been here...then on saturday we are going to St. Augustine to check out the SNOW... yep i said snow... see they have this indoor theater that produces fake snow (at least i think anyways, we are going to spend some time sled riding, roasting marshmellows and so on.


CristinB said...

More tooth pain? Hopefully you don't need another root canal...

CristinB said...

.....are you guys getting Scarlett a dog for Christmas?

Jill said...

well..if we can talk daddy into it, we would but that is soooo behind the other stuff that we are