Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Markers....what markers???

So it begins like this.... (don't pee your pants, i almost did)

You always hear stories about giving your kids markers
Seriously, who gives their kids markers
Who actually doesn't watch their child when they have markers especially on Christmas Eve
Why wouldn't your well-behaved child just know to draw on paper
It just doesn't happen, does it??

Well, the story goes like this....
Daddy was watching Scarlett for about 40 minutes
On mommy's way home, she receives a panic call
D=daddy M=mommy O=one bad girl

D=who gave Scarlett a marker
M=not home yet, but i will see
D=you are never going to believe this
M=yep, I can believe anything
D=Scarlett is in her crib, she wrote on every piece of furniture, i don't know where she got the PERMANENT MARKER
M= (tried to cover her mouth and not laugh to death)
D=well, say something, what do i do
M=you scared me, i thought it was worse
(this is a picture where Scarlett is suppose to use markers)

Mommy arrives home
D= look, can you believe this
M=wow, great artwork Scarlett
D=this isn't funny, she just ruined our furniture
M=I know, honey, you think that you can do other things while watching our daughter but you just can't(which is why the house isn't clean, no supper on the table, and laundry is piling.... but I DIDNT SAY IT)
D= all i did was go in my office for like a minute... seriously why do you leave markers out
M=honey, I didn't give her a marker...
(Mommy goes and gets a hysterical baby girl out of the crib)(Mommy calms O down)

M= Scarlett, can you go put back this marker because this was not nice, and mommy and daddy are very mad
O= (tottles off too daddy's desk to put it back where she found it)

One down!!

Two Down

Three down

Don't worry, we have more pictures but the ending is yet to come!!

D= worried about buying new furniture...he is on line looking up ways to get it out
M=thinks we should give her other colors to finish her artwork
O=points to it and says no, no
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Angie and Brian said...

Did you get it out? We used rubbing alcohol to get marker off our leather couch. I was afraid it would ruin the leather but it didn't! Good luck